Thursday, January 21, 2010


Finally I have a topic I wanted to talk about...........

I'm talking to my friend Andy, We get into this heated fight online. I start to realize that I just lost my soul........

Maybe I'm an old dog, but people don't have conversations anymore. Communication has been broken down to emails, texts, Iming and chats even worse Twittering bullshit.

What has the world come to???

I came from the generation where people used to talk to get to know each other. Nowadays people have connections and relationships through emails, texts, Facebook and chats. Human interaction is almost gone, soon you will have a bunch of people standing in a room, texting each other instead of talking(Shit it's happening now).

What happened to looking at someone in eyes and finding out if they were beening sincere or not??? I gave in to the texting thing, and had to buy another phone just to be able to text quickly without having to pluck away at keys!! The time it takes to text a message to someone, is about the same time it would take you to call the person directly. People say "I don't want to be bothered with a long conversation" "I don't want to talk right now" and it's like Wow!!!! Your family or friends are not worth a 2 minute talk on the phone????

I really don't like where we are headed, couples break up through Facebook(relationship status changes)emails, texts. What happened to talking to someone face to face when breaking up??? I can understand if the person lived in another state, or if the other partner was traveling around and U wasn't expecting to see them any time soon. But people are taking the cowards way out, too scared to face the person directly. Sad!!!!

Mark my words, there will be a whole new generation of people who don't know how to behave in social settings, and talking face to face will become awkward and uncomfortable to them. Where is that going to leave us as a society???? A whole generation of people that don't know how to express their emotions and feelings, directly.

I'm an emotional person, the rigid and plastic feeling of texting each other is not communication to me. It's words on a screen, there is no feelings behind the words(and its hard to tell if there is feelings behind the words) Some people can express themselves through writing and others prefer talking. I'm just scared in the long run, people will lose the ability to articulate their emotions without the use of a media device. Scary but true!!!

What happened to the time, when U used to stay on the phone for hours talking to friends or people that you were interested in???. U would end the conversation by saying "Good Night", waiting for the other person to hang up. When the other person didn't hang up u would say "You there???" they would say "Still here, I was waiting for you to hang up" and then you guys had to hang up together at the same time. It was a cute game that nobody plays anymore......

There is one piece of media that I will endorse, and that is Skype. For those who don't know what Skype is, its like an updated verison of the Video Phone. This I can get behind, U have the ability to see the other people your talking to and you have the ability to converse. It's a two in one package deal, I used Skype alot when I was in the relationship with the Cub(sigh).

So instead of texting/chatting/tweeting, every now and then pick up the phone and give Ur loved ones a call. I think they will be glad to hear ur voice for a change, instead of bells, whistles, and alerts of incoming messages.

Anyway there was another daily rant for you guys.

THAT RANT WAS FOR YOU ANDY!!!! learn to use a phone is called a compromise!!! LOL Dickhead!!!


Anonymous said...

'Mark my words, there will be a whole new generation of people who don't know how to behave in social settings, and talking face to face will become awkward and uncomfortable to them.'

Clearly this isn't the case, as people who have regular contact with others don't have a clue in how to interact. Ahem - Sounds like someone?

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T... yeah I agree...but u have to have some one talking back of course...Skype should be a great way to talk and good with video now....reading your blogg the next best thing for me I least I can read your thoughts (lol) etc..Rgds...Laurie