Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Okay Fuck the Nice Guy routine......

It's time to be nasty, I'm tired of the Bullshit!!!!

I have said before that people have their own personal preferences when it comes to scenes. I have stated before that one of the reasons why I decided to do porn was to give Men of Color, a face/name of star that can stand with the big names in this Industry.

So far I have been paired with one A list performer(No offense to the Up and Cummers)and to this day I still have a bad taste in my mouth because of it.

I made a name for myself in this Industry, yet I'm still not paired with other A listers. If its because of the Race issue, then people need to be honest about it. I'm tired of the bullshit excuses, I have proved that I have a strong fan base. Every project that I have worked on has gotten good reviews, and each of my scenes stands out in every movie that I'm in.

First I want to talk to the bottoms, everybody has personal preferences(granted). It's fucking 2010 already, that taboo of doing interracial(hate that word)scenes has been dead for years!! Gay guys dick is dick!!! If your a bottom and enjoy getting fucked, enjoy getting a check for something U like doing, then I don't get it??? It's not my loss, that Ur getting fucked by average tops who don't put any passion into the fucking. It's not my loss, that Ur bottoming skills is not being put to the test. It's not my fault that u wanted to do a hot scene, and U wind up getting a top, that doesn't want to be there, just another lack luster performer.

Every single bottom that I have worked with in the past, not only continues to work but seem to get a boost to their career by doing a scene with Me(Its true). It's not rocket science, if U claim to be some kind of high powered bottom, then step up to the plate and leave your baggage home. Take Mason Wyler(so called King of the bottoms)he can do scene after scene, he hasn't proved his bottoming skills with Me. There is only one Diesel Washington, until I put the stamp of approval on you all your doing is running your mouth!!

Open your eyes bottoms, I throw one of the meanest and hardest fuck in this business. If you want to lay there, and not earn your money so be it. I don't respect that at all, I come to the set to work. I want to make movies that I can be proud of, not just work for a check and then move to the next project. Porn consumers are very smart nowadays, you turn in a bullshit performance they will call you out in a heartbeat.

U will never see a bad review of one of my movies, people know I come to the set to work period.

Now this one goes to the Companies, Studios and the websites. Your getting these hot guys to bottom and are placing them with "Starter Kits". I understand that you want to break in your performers(some can't handle a big dick)so U want to start them slow. But if U want the ratings, and heavy traffic on your sites(websites)then bring in a Pro....

Think about it, having Diesel Washington on:

Corbin Fisher, not only will I shake up that site and fuck those boys to their limits but I would add some much needed Color to that site, sorry but being honest.

Sean Cody, I like the site, and again a shake up is in order.

Next Door Male, home of Mason Wyler(who needs to get fucked seriously), Tommy D(another performer that has to be pushed hard), and Cody Cummings he's taking blowpops up his ass, but if he was to take Diesel's blowpop, the effect would shake up the Industry.

Chaos Men, they have strong fetish content on their site, adding Diesel to equation is a smart move.

Randy Blue, they have awesome content seeing that they had Guest performers(Eddie Diaz, Eric Rhodes, Benjamin Bradley) adding Diesel can add that Kinky flavor plus I think its about time that Reese Rideout get pounded like an animal.

Hot House Backroom, I haven't worked with Hot House yet.......

CockSure Men, its a new site and what better way to get viewers then bringing in Diesel Washington????

Naked Combat, this is a no brainer I have beaten bottom after bottom in previous movies. Putting Diesel one on one with another performer to battle it out........... I don't see why that scene hasn't been done yet??????

As far as Studios goes:

Colt, I'm not sure why I haven't worked with you yet. U have the big boys in your stable, not many performers can match up with your boys. Diesel Washington can handle each one of your muscle boys and put the hurt on them.

Hot House, calling you out again

Raging Stallions, I have one movie under my belt with you guys. U guys have all the money and all the models, seems that I have to get in that circle and start kicking some ass.LOL

Now I know I talk big, and that probably pisses some people off. But I know I made Titan alot of money with my performances, I know I made Falcon alot of money because of some of my performances(Asylum, Redlight)that is just real talk!!

So lets do an experiment, I have a scene on Twinkscape coming out soon. If Diesel shakes up that site in a positive way, then I know I can bring the fire to any site. As far as Studios goes, I have a scene in the soon to be released movie "Getting Levi's Johnson" by JetSet, if that scene goes over well with Fans and the Industry then I have proved I have some Star power in this Industry.

I'm talking the language that most Companies and Sites understand, the power of the dollar. I can sell scenes on websites or DVDs, people open your eyes and start casting Me more.

Promote promote.....


ToddyEnglish said...

I've read that, in some situations, the porn industry can be very racist. Do you think that could be the reason, despite your popularity, that you're not being cast more? And could it be that some of those stars will not work with a black actor due to fears of being ostracized by their audience?
Anyway, I agree. it is 2010...MOST people don't care. But sadly some want to pander to the lowest common denominator.

Distant Lover said...

Extremely racist!!! Diesel, if I see on the cover, I buy the DVD but I don't see that you, Adam Dexter, Eddie Diaz, Aron Ridge, Race Cooper and the rest of you fine ass Black men get many covers due to the fat pasty bastards running the industry!!!!