Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Being an Escort and Porn Star, I have to speak about this Markus guy. The whole story is here

He is deemed the first legal male prostitute and I have no problem with that. There is one statement I find to be just ignorant and stupid coming from this Markus guy. He compares himself to Rosa Parks, are you fucking kidding Me??????

Rosa Park was apart of a Civil rights movement that sparked an entire generation to take action and changed the course of American History.

Markus(I hope ur reading this)your just a 25 yr old hooker at a Dude ranch in Nevada. You are not changing any Social norms out there......

First off the bat, I don't think many women would hire you because you have average looks(unless ur packing like 10inch dick or above) Maybe you have personality and can be charming and witty, but women are not driving to the middle of the Desert for good conversation.

Although he says he doesn't do male clients(have sex with them)he does provide companiship(does that mean sex?) Well if he is having sex with Men, I would caution the clients to have a look that this guys teeth. I wouldn't stick my dick in that mouth for fear of damage to my dick LOL.

Yeah that was a dirty shot, but anybody that compares themselves to Rosa Parks as changing Social norms because they are the first legal Male hooker deserves to be shot in the head for letting something that stupid come out of their mouth.

Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr would be turning in their graves right now!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

He doesn't have sex with his male clients, only companionship? Pardon me while I laugh out loud.

Having said that, as a fan of prostitutes, I say good for him.