Monday, January 18, 2010


Reminder I have a scene with that will be ground breaking. Did I find a new niche market for Diesel??? A Big Black Muscle Daddy abusing little twink boys??? Hmmm????

Its a high quality inter-generational/interracial porn scene with Krist Cummings, Lucas Sky and Diesel Washington. Are they any of these on the market???? Nope!!!
Thats way different from the roles your used to seeing from Diesel, I guess?? Well I'm taking a chance by going into a different market. I just want to do different things now!! Different markets, a different style of performance bah bah bah

Speaking of which, I gave you people only one romantic scene to date "Double Standard" This scene went on to be nominated for Best Duo Sex scene for the 2009 Grabbys Awards. The scene also won the Hard Choice Award for Most Passionate Sex Scene, I'm honored that this scene was recogized for the passion I tried to convey in the scene. But I get it, I get it.....

One scene out of a dozen or so, the rest of the scenes are bodyslamming guys, picking them up in the air fucking, Power fucking, fisting, footing bah bah bah.

It's like a double sword to do this business, I came out hardcore(To shock/amaze) from the gate. I write this blog, grab interviews, do the Vids I'm constantly trying to push that bar higher and higher.

Everybody knows I throw a mean fuck, We all know this. The haters are saying that the Shock value of it, has somewhat dimished. Things like "Everybody knows if Diesel Washington is in the scene he is either going to powerfuck the guy, put him in some crazy position" "He's going to fuck the shit out of some bottom. Period and that's it. We all know what he is about." ......

I say to them "Ummmm Okay???"

There are some harsh critics out there, and it's kinda of confusing. Noone will ever say that I wasn't into every single scene that I have done, or I acted like I didn't want to be there, or had no interest in the action. I kiss the guys, suck their dicks, and rim their asses and fuck their holes!!!! So why the hate??

Those who have the negative feedback, just want to see one thing. Diesel Washington bottoming.......and its not happening. I said I was open to some rimming(For Now)........but that's about it.

I will admit, the Diesel character hasn't changed much since his start. I think I need to update the character.

The Diesel Character updated:

Expect more Kissing from Diesel(I like kissing in my porn as well)Some hot kissing between the guys is a good thing.

More Passionate scenes, I heard the fans loud and clear with this one.

Doing more scenes with all different body types(Twinks, Jocks, Bodybuliders)

Doing more scenes with Men of Color(Black, Latino, Asian)This is important Tired of that bullshit rumor that I won't work with other black performers!!! I'm so tired of that shit!!!! This is the last time I'm going to talk about this(Probably not):

I wish there were more Men of Color in Mainstream porn., If there were more performers, there would be more opportunities to work together. **Hint Hint***

As far as Diesel working for Black themed companies, I'm willing to work for anybody. But when it comes to my performance fee, I get replies like "Well Diesel, We are a small company so we can only afford a certain amount", "At the moment, we can only afford a certain amount, but We can give you extra scenes" "The recession is hitting Us hard at the moment, will you be willing to work for this amount???" And the best one:

"We know that you are worth more, but We can only afford this amount"....

Honestly I never really worked for the check, but at the same time should I settle for less than I think I'm worth????? Just to prove a point???

More Character changes:

The body will be in the best of shape, I will admit I got thicker!!! After last years spider bite:

I was fucked up, that spider bite put Me down for 3 months. The truth of the matter, that spider bite almost crippled Me. The bite got infected and started to eat my muscle tissue in my right shoulder. It got to the point, that I couldn't raise my arms. I couldn't lay in bed because of the pain. After the spider bite was treated and cleaned, it left about a quarter size round hole in my shoulder. It had an inch of depth to it as well. I didn't talk about it on the blog, but I was scared. I would walk to the mirror and stare at this giant hole that was in my back. It took a month for the wound to close, and another 3 months to allow the muscle tissue to rebulid itself. I was given the green light in September to go hardcore in the gym. And I have been fighting the good fight ever since..

More Ink coming.

Just pick more roles with different characters.

So these are the things that I can do to update the character. Hmmm??Maybe I'm reaching my shelf life??? Maybe there is no more room left for Diesel???

I can't do amateur anymore, I'm too well known. I can't do a Bait Bus sort of thing and be tricked into gay sex, who would believe it??? All I can do is keep striving to do better, and pick each project that I do carefully.

So I will leave it to the Fans, I don't ask much from you people. If you want me to continue to work, then email the companies saying U want more Diesel!!!


I'm not asking for your money(like some people)but if you guys/girls are fans of my work, to see me work more.....Ask the companies for more Diesel.

It's simple!!



Anonymous said...

i think its time to do some solo you taking a shower or just jerking off..its all about you anyway when you're in a scene with other guys

baldot said...

Oh man diesel, you really need to do more videos with Twinks.. those 3 pictures look SOOOOOO HOT!. and I've been waiting to see a powerful black top fuck these skinny pretty boys.
more Twinkscape flicks please!!!
its my ultimate fantasy