Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Okay I never get political, but I wanted to use this blog to help people for change. I donated money to for the relief effect that is ongoing for the people in Haiti.

Haiti was struck by a huge earthquake Jan 12, and they need help. I thought this was important.......

For the first time, I will open up and express my feelings. While I'm not Haitian, I feel connected to these people and I wanted to show my support. There are people without lights, food and security and they need our help.

So please contact and please show ur support. It's women and children without food, lights and just trying to pick up the pieces after this disaster.

I hope people don't see color regarding this issue, the issue is about Human beings who were struck by a earthquake and need recovery. In my opinion, relief always comes slow for People of Color surviving disasters(Africa, China, India)

It's a double standard sometimes, if Ireland, Italy, England suffered from the same type of disaster, there would be overwhelming support shown to the people. This shouldn't be any different from that.

We are humans that need show compassion to everybody regardless of color, race........

I pray that the Haitian people will recover from this horrible thing.......

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