Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I like to balance the power of being a Porn Star and reality....

I perform live sex acts for web, film, and DVD, the important word in that sentence is Sex. I have sex!!!

Every time I jump on that set, I put my body on the line(get it LOL but seriously)so I'm at risk every single time. I expose myself to the possibility of contracting an STD every time I do a scene. I don't know the routine that other porn stars use to protect themselves and others. I damn sure know the routine I use. I use condoms and I get checked out every single month. I get my blood drawn and I piss into a cup. That's not being PC its just being smart and trying to take care of yourself. I go to the clinic so often, I know my doctors by name. I read all the material, watch the PSA's and take the free condoms and lube. It has become a monthly thing for me, I'm a porn star and escort and this is my responsibility!!! I want to remain healthy, play safe and keep things together.

You hear alot about porn stars going the gym, tanning, dentist, getting a Tat! I haven't read many posts about porn star bloggers that write about going to the STD clinic. It's a tricky subject, why would a porn star talk about that???? If he is blogging about a STD clinic he must have something???Right???

WRONG!!!!I'm STD FREE!!!AND HIV NEG I get checked out to make sure I know my status!!

I don't know why I haven't done a post sooner....... This is the most important part of my routine(as a Porn performer). Other Porn star bloggers will give you just the Glitz and Glam part of it. I have been doing this biz since 2006, I have shared the parties, clubs, performances, and the porn star interviews its time for the reality part.

I wrote a post about it, and here it goes:

I head to the Department of Health and Mental to get checked out:

The clinic opens at 8:30am so there is usually a line of people when you get to the clinic. It's always interesting going to the clinic, people tend to be quiet and soft spoken. It's one of those asexual experiences that you will go through during your life. Its like going to the dentist, getting a flu shot, checking for a sportsman hernia(no boner popping)its just that awkward feeling u have sitting in the clinic. I look at the people around you, and they could be attractive but what are you thinking about???? Either they are there to take an HIV test, HIV test and STD check, Looking for treatment, or Pregnancy check bah bah. It's not like your there to make friends or find a true love. Your sitting in Dept of Health and Mental there is no flirting allowed!! But why????? I'm clean and healthy, and getting my routine check. If a hot person is there, would you flirt??? That is a good poll question:


When U get there you have to register, your asked to take a number and fill out the paperwork. On the form, it asks if your there for an HIV test and STD checking, Looking for treatment(and they have a list of symptoms to check off) Pregnancy check and all that good stuff.

When your number is called, the clerk brings you into the office and speaks to you in private. If your like Me, you have a file already there. They bring up your information, and print up labels(for blood work, Piss sample)and then they send you to get your blood work done. The Area:

From registering your sent to another area where you have to wait to be seen by a doctor. In this area, there are posters all around for Safe sex and there is a TV monitor playing PSA's for our enjoyment!!Here:

You sit in this area while waiting for the Doctor to call you, this is the same area you wait while getting your blood drawn. Here I'm sitting in front of the Door(The Vampire is on the other end)waiting for my blood to be drawn:

After getting my blood drawn, sorry no pictures of that. I'm a pussy when it comes to having my blood drawn(so there will no pictures of me being a baby)afterwards it's back to the waiting room.

In this situation, you have to remember that you are a number. When a number is called that means you have a chance to see the doctor. But you have to wait until it's called. I have seen people jump up and grab their things running to see the doctor when their number is called. I don't want to make assumptions, but every time I see that happen. I think either this guy is burning hardcore, or the woman is dieing for the results to see if she is pregnant.

I know my Doctor by name, it's basically it's the same routine every time I go. He knows my file so it's pretty much straight forward. A Doctor has to do his duty about telling you about the hazards of sex bah bah bah. I like my Doctor because he doesn't go through bullshit with me. Personal opinions are kept out of our discussions about my work and I have open communication with him. He doesn't approve of my decision to do Porn work, but it's not said in a judging manner. He just wants Me to know the risks every time I jump on set. I tell him when I throw in the Cum Rag and retire, He will be the first person to know(After the fans of this blog)

After our talk, its now time for the Piss test. I have to provide a urine sample for the doctor and here that goes:

After you hand in the sample, its back to the waiting room. The urine sample is tested(15min wait)and then you see the doctor again for your results. The results of the blood work are made available in about two weeks via online. Each patient is assigned a unique number and password, you will be able to see your results online by signing into the site(so you don't have to come to the clinic looking for results).

This process takes about 2-3 hours so be prepared to sit around and play the waiting game.

I try to make the experience fun, I text my slut friends saying "Sitting in a STD clinic, wishing you were here" I check my email, or read a mag. I try to bring friends that are scared of getting tested, It's Ur status shouldn't you know???

I'm not a role model, nor do I want to be one. I know when I jump on a porn set that I'm clean and STD free for my Co Star. I make sure I'm clean for my clients in my escort work as well.

I guess I'm weird, I don't go to get checked because of my work. I go get tested for my own knowledge and security!!! I don't deserve a medal and I'm not saying that I'm better than people!! But I want to be clean, and work with clean people!!

I Hope my Co stars and Clients are doing the same for Me!!

Wishful thinking....



Anonymous said...

Wooww, dear friend, thanks, I really thank you for playing this kind of topic. I see many blogs and websites, not just porn stars, other people too, which only touch on issues that are cute, aesthetically speaking, but do not touch the real issues, that really help those who read these blogs and websites.
For this, as they say in my country, "I stand up and strongly applaud you," because many are afraid to talk about these issues.
As if to say and talk about this they suffered the illness or were to spread the same.
Friend Really, I am surprised and admire you more and more for this kind of truth that you post on your blog.
There is a theme song from an Argentine singer, who in his theme song "Celebrate the life," says one of his verses: "... cries out against hate, against the lie ..." and that is what you make from your blog when you expose these issues.
I congratulate you and I hope you do not mind this.
I have read other blogs and websites before finding yours, and frankly, I see with the passing of the blogs that you do, you're a human being not only intelligent, also with a great common sense and consistency in what he says .
I have read blogs, that, please! ! ! !, Sometimes I wonder if there's something in that skull, because I've read a lot of bullshit on other blogs, I read texts that have no rhyme or reason, and that when one finishes reading the article, I'm done realize that he who wrote it live because the air is free and because it has a line for a brain.
That you do become aware of the diseases being careless and causing misinformation, it makes me happy, because that you help everyone to think before acting, I like you HIV positive comments that it is great what you tell everyone.
Forgive me for not calling you Diesel, in my comments, but as that is not your real name and do not consider a product such as "use and throw", I prefer to say you, friend, although I am it is not thee, jejejeje.
Thank you very much for writing intelligently on your blogs, I am always surprised and I hope you continue to do.
From here, from Buenos Aires-Argentina, I am sending you a big hug.

Your friend in the distance, Adrian .-

Anonymous said...

If you're practicing safer sex, though, how are you putting yourself at risk "every time" for an STD? Something doesn't compute.

Anonymous said...

thanks for including all aspects of your life in your blog. thanks for taking the time to maintain quality, creativity, inclusion, and information. may your years be well blessed and filled with oppurtunity.