Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well it's offical I will be in L.A. for the Cybersockett Awards and X Biz awards.....

I decided to go to network with people, and I have some special people to see while out there. I guess I can go and get some footage of both award shows, interviews, and just hangout.

I have alot of things coming up, and it sucks because I can't talk about any of it. I want to let people know, but I'm going to keep my Big mouth shut(For once)I really really want to talk about it though....

The fucking haters are rolling up their sleeves, I have been called a has been, washed up loser, bah bah bah.

I can't wait until the project comes out!!! And no it's not the "Getting Levi's Johnson" project, but that is coming out as well. So haters get ready!!!

More coming later!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hear Marc Williams lives in LA, be great if you can do a duo scene with him. Fans woud love to see it, escpecially you topping Marc's hot muscle butt.