Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Now I know I put up Vids with interviews with porn stars, Diesel acting crazy, self promotion bah bah bah

And I put up Music, well since I'm in one of these moods tonight, I will let my emotions speak through the music:

I gave the best I got..........

Then I start thinking about the Lies and Mistrust!!! The time spent when I thought I was being mind fucked by stories and bah bah bah bah

And then I get Mad:

But then I sit back and say to myself I miss them and break down:

I mean it started so nice and so cool it was almost too good!! I dont know how to describe it maybe Sade can help:

I mean I love to Cuddle!!There I said it, most people dont know that. I get enough sex to have last me a lifetime..... but starved for affection and cuddle time doesnt come often. Intimacy and Closeness and the sense of belonging to someone, such a good feeling almost like a drug.

But U only thought about yourself(most of the time)I didn't want my feelings hurt either, I wanted to make it work but u only thought about yourself and your feelings, did you think about my feelings????? Yet I still miss you!!!! Now your thinking about my feelings because ur reading this post, So think about Me:

I told you what I wanted in life, if everything worked out I would have been the one that moved to Florida, Why Not???? I was born and raised in NYC, I had enough of this town(LOVE YOU NYC)it will always be with Me(in my heart). Why not try something new??? Oh and tell ur family, I wouldn't regret the move to Florida it would be my decision, yeah I have friends in NYC, but thats why there is a phone??? U know?? There is Skype which I use to talk to ur child??? Speaking of which your mom is in my business:

No disrespect to all mothers out there, but come on the Cub is grown they can make their own mistakes. Now if I moved down there...... I would have gotten a house and made it a home for myself, and I would be like Luther coming home:

Cub.....I tried so hard to get along with you........ Kelis say it for me:

Well I gave it my all and the only thing left was this:

And I hate that part so I kept it to myself, giving you another chance, and then more lies. I got over the cheating, but you knew how much it hurt Me inside tell the Cub for Me Rihanna:

But anyway what is done is done, I will miss talking to you Cub, but this post is getting corny so its time for me to spread my wings and fly away:

Entertaining post HUH?????



keith said...

Allright, man, let's leave the old school behind and get you some Beyonce. I know it's hard, but buck up! When it's right, you'll know. Oh, and there's a lotta guys out there that like to cuddle and even some of us who don't lie. LOL

Anonymous said...

Not really!

You're so innocent, huh?

Anonymous said...

Papi, I just wanna say that you are so fuckin sexy!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it