Sunday, January 24, 2010


I always looked at as the bad guy......

Causing Drama and coming up with shit, I have to explain this situation as best as I can. I'm not the best writer, so I have to make sure I give all the information so you know my thought process.

I thought this model was cute, I saw a picture online and was attracted to him. I met the guy in passing at Here Club(whatever).

We talked on Facebook and I told him I thought he was cute(Exact words were probably squeeze your ass or something)Then the war of words came out.... But lets talk about some of the issues in some of the emails I have received:

I'm used to rejection, I been rejected for being too big, too tall, dick too big, because I was a porn star, an escort, too aggressive, Color, Culture.......the list goes on and on!.Used to it!!Sadly!!

Nor do I WALK AROUND LIKE ENTITLED!! I have to stress this, some people seem to think I walk around "Thinking I'm the Shit!!" I'm prejudged to have some sort of Attitude!! I'm only confident about my skills people!! I go to Comic book events(in character) I make goofy Youtubes!! I'm something of a Dork, but I happen to do porn. I don't have to lie to people, my mother supports and promotes Me! I try to be open and honest on my blog and I speak to people directly. So I can handle when someone is direct with me back. But....

If someone says "I'm not into Blacks Guys, they do nothing for Me sexually...." Wheter this was said by Black/White/Latino/Asian, I would ask "Why not?" It's a chat and its only a question..I'm not looking to challenge them, but I am curious to know why. Being a Black male and all LOL!!!

In this situation. It was "Your not my type" and the whole emphasis on "I'm not going to flirt with you, because I only flirt with people whom I'm sexually attracted to" and then revealing statements "It's no secret I'm into black men" "I'm just not sorry for not being into black guys" which got me to thinking Huh??? Using Tact was never going to happen here, He wanted Me to know directly(and harshly), that he had no Visual Attraction to Black guys..I get it!!!

Then he has to add the vintage line:

"I have alot of black friends so I'm not racist, I just don't sleep with them"

"Them" Umm okay...???

But it was the attitude that was nasty, in some of chat(that I didn't post)it was like he was talking down to Me. You rejected Me because of my skin color??? Check! Now your going to talk like your better than Me because Ur in college?? Really?? His story is he does porn for money, and he is not interested in the lifestyle or the people in it kinda of attitude.

This model is not racist, he's is just ignorant, and close minded!! That's it!!

The kinda of guy that, if he was asked the question "What kinda of guys turn you on??"in an interview He would give the PC answer!!! "I'm into all types as long as they work out and have confidence in themselves, Confidence is a huge turn on!!" That is the safe answer he will give, He made the comment "Its no secret that I'm not into black men" though.....

Does that mean in an Interview if asked "What types of guys are you into?" He's going to say "I'm only into white guys" Bullshit!! cause that will make him look bad, and he is not about to do that. We chatted twice online. In that time, he only spoke about himself, school bah bah(Never once asked anything about me). Quickly, he went from a picture of a hot guy, to a guy that turned out to be alittle ignorant and rude and alittle condescending. And I was still cool with him until...

Knowing he will be the type, at an event that will smile in my face when the cameras are around. Doing the fake porn star hype, playing PC.... He showed his close mindedness to me..

A Black Gay Porn Star who writes a popular blog??

I don't know???.... Turn down Diesel Washington(Who is Black)and say the cause of the rejection is that he is not visually attracted to black guys. Who would say that to a supposed Big mouth blogger, and not look for a reaction??? Think about it, everybody would naturally assume I'm the bad guy and that he is entitled to his preference(Umm K...)!!! His name is out there, and he turned down the mighty Diesel Washington and got himself some press!! He didn't care if I put it on my blog(He stated that more than twice), maybe he wanted the attention!??!

I thought about exposing the fake nature(That is why its fake to me), but what would that accomplish??? He is just alittle ignorant, rude and coarse to black guys that hit on him!!! Which is his right!!!Naming the model, will only give him the attention that he craves!! Was it a clever ploy by him wanting to get his name on my blog??? Ignorance?? Or not into black guys???

I put it on my blog for a number of reasons:

1. To show people I am human, and I get turned down alot for some stupid reasons. So I'm not a God.

2. I think the sexual preference thing is a bullshit cover(my opinion)for other issues.

3. I get to see how people are divided on the post, In the comment section and emails.

4. To show there are some ignorant newcummers with alot of balls in this business!!!

This is my PC moment, I have dated/had sex with all types of people, bears, cubs, twinks, Black/White/Latino/Asian, different status, different religions, different cultures bah bah. I'm not shallow and base everything on mere looks, esp when personality plays a part to sex.

I also have a sexual preference, its called I'm attracted to hot people!!!!

Personality is a major draw for me, the physical shell gets cummed on and then the experience is over!! Personality makes the experience!! After the cum is dry, you can still enjoy their company which makes it even more memorable and fun. I have slept with people just because I found them interesting, easy going and a pleasure to be around.

So to answer a question,"Have you ever had a model(s) that wouldn't work with you because your black??" The answer is yes!!!

Does that make them Racist???? NO!!!

The only reason I wrote that post, was to share some insights with the fans. I never had an example of it until now! So I posted this exchange, I'm not calling out the model. Issue closed!! Mind you, this came from a 8min chat with the guy. No big time was wasted, just 8mins of my life!!

Everybody is entitled to their preference granted, just don't be a dick about it!!!You Ignorant Fuck!!!
(I mean close minded person, that needs to realize beauty comes in all types.)


Anonymous said...

Nearly all my partners have been Black, Latin or Asain - what can I do ?? its where my attraction lays.....
when I was a kid I was given abuse from some white guys and called a " dinge queen " !!!! but then, I got equal abuse from black guys who resented me dating guys they were into - my partners were regularly asked " what you doin with this white guy " - its all really very stupid, after all, alot of my best friends are white, I just dont sleep with "them" ( get it )

People should be allowed to go after what they are into and others should not be so sensitive at rejection, ofcourse sometimes the rejection may be based on rascist views, fuck em, wouldnt want to jiggy withn them any way -

Anonymous said...

as a gay white who has no preference as to one's skin color...i am different than most of my gay white friends...they are not into black guys at all..can't explain why..they aren't racsist..the color just turns them off..there are plenty of men of color that don't like white guys..that's life...there are plenty of guys out there that would love to have sex with you so don't bother with those you write about ...they are young and don't know what they want anyway

Daniel said...

diesel this is the gay community. most men regardless of their color PREFER to be with white men. i cannot even tell u how many men on sites like or adam4adam have "white and latino only" please. thats just how it is. people find their features more attractive, including most black/asian men. i rarely come across black/asian/latino men who dont prefer white men. thats just how it is.

The Doc said...

Being "the bad guy" is what you get, often, for speaking your mind. I get it often too.

However, it's the type of bad guy which will get you far in the end (I'm going to resist the urge to make a sexual joke there).

I certainly respect you, and your very valuable opinion on this matter. I hope you get a chance to read the comment I left in the previous topic.

Meanwhile, keep doing that beautiful thing you do. Those of us who do appreciate the bad guy will always love you more for it.

James said...

It isn't that you are the bad guy. You just love TONS of drama and you make everything about you.

James said...


Anonymous said...


"diesel this is the gay community. most men regardless of their color PREFER to be with white men".

I don't think so. I'm black. 100 percent of my black friends here in New York City are into other blacks.

Where did you get those stats from?

Anonymous said...

This is for Daniel. I hope you are joking with your comment. If not, you are sooo wrong. Most black/asian/latino DO NOT prefer to be with white men. Just because any man of color you may meet in your circle probably do prefer date white men but it does not mean that all or most do. There are plenty of ads that read "No White Men" or "Not Attracted to White Men". I'm one of them.

Anonymous said...

Diesel, please don't stop speaking your mind about this subject. Yes, people a right to be bigoted in their behavior, but they should be prepared to face consequences--which might include being questioned or confronted. It's totally unacceptable, in my book, to verbalize that kind of arrogant prejudice to someone's face and then try to pretend, to the world, that you're not a bigot.

Anonymous said...

Stick to your guns Diesel. You are 100% right to be offended! This moronic twink will be old and cold and begging after black men before he knows it.

ToddyEnglish said...

This is one of those complicated questions.
First of all I totally think the individual in question is a racist. In my opinion you don't have to be attracted to men of a certain race right off the blocks. It is just a question of whether or not you will exclude someone just because of their color.
For instance: I've never met an Asian guy that I was really attracted to...BUT if I met an Asian guy that appealed to me I would certainly make an exception.
However, if I blatantly said, "Uhm no I don't do Asians" then THAT is racist. When you categorically exclude someone just because of their color then you are a racist, bottom line...And the "I have friends that are___" does not cut the mustard, at all.

Historically I've always been attracted to either black men or white men (preferrably big, tall, and butch...haha). 90% of the time that is what's going to appeal to me. But I won't totally exclude every other dude because of that. No way.
I'm looking for a relationship and therefore I look at more than just the packaging.

keith said...

Okay, man, you know I'm open minded, right? Does the fact that I'm a white guy that truly is only attracted to black guys make me a racist? I'm conflicted here, I never considered myself racist, but now I'm beginning to wonder...

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T...I agree with what Toddyenglish says here...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Get over it. You can't be everything to everyone!! Be you, you claim that's your intention, if you plan on non-censorship (NO PC)expect that you're going to get it back, whether you like it or not!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the life of a snow queen....