Sunday, November 23, 2014


Love this ccommercialfrom Geico, as a marketing tool it's outstanding, and loving how they are bringing back the 80's Love.

I remember the Ickey Woods SuperBowl Shuffle..

A remember of my time as teenager ..

Anyway I have been impressed by the Geico ccommercialsas of lately some are Hit or Miss. These are my faves:

Now these are some commercials that I have seen that I must talk about:

Thanks Mom OMG this is from the Build a Bear people...

Something is alittle off about the little kid at the end, he is wearing glasses and his mother is wearing glasses, and he does this head twirl thing saying "Thanks Mom!!

"I wish We could do this every year"  HA

This is the entire commercial:

Lets put it this way, who ever is the director for this commercial, Can We make the commercial less creepy for next time.? Not sure why anyone would give children those kind of lines.

Next up!!

Big Lots commercial, these girls are doing it.. The lead girl is giving you a whole character with her facial expressions. Good one


The look is priceless on the older Asian women, when she looks at those hairy legs I wanted to die laughing...



Another favorite commercial, the transformation of Dad and his SUV to the  Douche dancing at the end of the Video. I have seen the commercial, thousands of times and I still smile watching the Classic "Douchebag Dance" at the end of it.

Now let us get to the new music

Called it Fuck Music

This is like my Anthem now GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE enough with the bullshit.....

And now this one...

Notice the trend yet?

If you haven't noticed yet....I love the use of the word FUCK in each Video....

FUCK is such a powerful word

Fuck is an English-language word, a profane word which refers to the ACT of sexual intercourse and is also commonly used to denote disdain or as an intensifier. Its origin is obscure; it is usually considered to be first attested to around 1475, but may be considerably older. In modern usage, the term fuck and its derivatives (such as fucker and fucking) can be used in the position of a noun, a verb, an adjective or an adverb. There are many common phrases that EMPLOY the word, as well as compoundsincorporating it, such as motherfucker.

So there is no guess there....Fuck is probably my favorite curse word.

So you have seen my favorite commercials(so far)and the music that I'm listening to right now. Bored yet?  Don't worry, you can expect Me to write more as the days go by.

I went silent on writing a blog lately, I was dealing with an issue I had with another model. I did not write to come on my blog and start writing about the situation.  Of course another blog is talking about it, so it didn't seem necessary for Me to open the door to that situation again

Anyway, I will try to post some positive things on my blog that I have done lately...

More coming soon

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