Saturday, November 15, 2014



I'm always trying to push the boundaries on whats its like to be a Porn Personality.  I have shared many stories and pictures and I want to do that all over again.

Here is a young Diesel...I think I was three here...

Here with the suit with shoulder pads(it was a look) I think i was 20yr here

Me with Dreads and I was 25yr here

Feeling the 90's here I was about 21yr in this picture
And young of the young I was 13yr in this picture looking like I was 8

Well like the post said I joined Vine and I had the change to do a quick Vine with Leo Sweetwood.  A new personality that I find funny and refreshing, a stand out of all the newer models..

It's just a start, still figuring my way around the Vine world and stuff....

I have more things planned to do...

And I have a few scenes coming that I'm in training for right now.

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Anonymous said...

Real cute pics!! you were always hot!!