Sunday, October 19, 2014


So Hustlaball was this past weekend, and I had a blast doing it and I was hanging out with my good friends. Ryan Rose and Tommy Defendi and "Little Cake" Grey Colton...

So as usual, I get to Hustlaball and its running into everybody who was at last Hustlaball and the one before and so on.  I always love doing these Rentboy events because it's almost like Family now.  I have been doing Hustlaball since 2005.  So I'm like the "Old G" of events and its just visiting "Friends" every year.

So If I have to sum up the mood of the event, Sexy Sleaze...

The Music was Good,

Even though I don't perform as much, I still like going and hanging out backstage.  I remember that nervous energy about getting on stage and letting the Sex beast come out of you.  Luckily I had the chance to see the other performers go out and work their magic on stage.  Back stage is like a bundle of energy, some people are nervous and others are catching panic attacks(I know the feeling).  I wish I brought my camera for the event...

Actually I had both my cameras with Me at the time, but I left the cameras back over at the hotel I was staying in for the event(Hotel around corner).   I don't know what is wrong with Me???I used to do very detailed stories of the events and take as many pictures as I can, at the same time when I did that, I never get a chance to enjoy the event because I'm too busy playing "Videographer" or Event cameraman.  So I was selfish this year and just went as an Observer.

Hustlaball was Good, and I want to THANK the whole staff for putting on a great event.  Big Shout out to Sean, Jeff, Fab.

Big LOVE to BoomerBanks for making sure the event ran smoothly, also for just being super cool and always showing Me some love and stuff. Also Props to Marc Macnamara for keeping the performers ready to go.

Best lines of the night:

"You remember Me? We met like 10years ago...."

Are you letting your ass hangout tonight? Cool call you "LiL Cake"

A performer was coming off stage, and I guess he was a little too "High".  He described his behavior as being "Rope High" His exact words...."Don't mind Me I'm on a Rope High"

A well known performer, was catching a Panic Attack and was freaking out backstage. He was overheard saying....

"You dont understand Me, I have Agoraphobia and I don't want to be touched or have people around Me" (Saying this in a small dressing room that ALL the performers have to use)

Anyway, I had different outfit changes during the course of the night as you can see above.  I had a good time at Hustlaball.  Another year at Hustlaball

Moving on....

I recently got some bad news, my friend Wolf Hudson was in the Hospital.

So I was kind of in a bad mood, and worried about my long time friend. I traveled to the Hospital not expecting what to see.

Thank God, Wolf Hudson is pulling through nicely and is back home with family and resting well..

It has been a crazy couple of weeks....

Some announcements:

Go Voting.....


I was nominated for Best Personality...and Best Porn Review Site. I have been nominated 4 times before, it always feels good to be recognized for something.


What's next????

Planning another Tour(will post dates)Going to start on the East coast, NYC/PHIL/DC/VA/NC/ATL and ending in Florida...

I will post the the dates soon.

 Ryan Rose and Tommy Defendi was in town, if people don't know these are close friends of mine that work in the industry.   I really like these guys and its so cool that We are super close.

Besties, Blunts, Uber, Dinner with Ryan Rose, Tommy Defendi from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

Here we are hanging out in NYC..

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