Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well from my last post I was kinda pissed off and feeling alittle off center. I knew when i started this business its going to be on the road all the time, from hotel to hotel and making friends here and there but losing some friends as well. Yeah I know the saying"Real Friends are Forever", but if ur touring around from city to city, people change and just move on to better things. I dreaded having to go back to being alone and doing my thing, but this time around Im actually enjoying the time to myself. I was always a Hermit, I didnt like to go out much cause I standout like a sore thumb. But I decided to change that, I like to dance so I went out this weekend and enjoyed myself. To those who read this blog know about my parttime hustle, but I have taken my ads down and pulled the plug on the parttime(for now, I have plenty of regs to keep me busy)so been focusing more time on me. So going to the club was a refreshing change, yeah same meat market, but when ur biggest piece of meat there it helps. I had a good time, I didnt worry about stress or about picking up some guy to fuck him. People!!! I get sex anytime i want anywhere anytime its not hard, but I wasnt thinking about sex right there and then I just wanted room to move and let this energy out. Now u must be thinking?Diesel ur 6'6 and 245lbs u get on the dancefloor and dance? DAMN RIGHT and i can move Im not one of these big muscle guys that move back and forth. I know how to work that shit out right!!!
Hmmm what else is new, on the Porn front the company that signed me as an exclusive, is working on putting together another hot performance piece. I have been dieing to work for the past month since last filming, I only had one scene in the movie with two other guys. So I will be leaving for that in June. Post time between Movies I hit the gym, with even more heart than before. Im taking this business very serious now, recently I had some online interviews with some of the industry heads. So Im just chilling cause, I want everythign to happen fast but since I know I will be big I rather have it take its time to reach that level of stardom(in my head LOL). But to those fans who read this and send me much love, I thank u guys. To the haters, who send me hate mail. FUCK YA Ur hate mail just makes me stronger and be even better. To the Pigs, bitch boys, pussy boys, sluts and whores that love me, Daddy is coming and he is larger than Life!!!


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