Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Well kids im back for another session with ya, and whats new today or this week?? Working out has gotten even better now and im really feeling it these days waiting for the weather to get warmer and then let loose. I still havent gotten around to putting out my listing for my parttime job yet. Im having alot of fun, just being me and going out alot more than I used to and people are watching. Thanks to all the guys that saw me at Roxy this past weekend. I guess I stand out like a sore thumb on the dance Floor but whatever, I have recieved alot of emails from people who see me out and about. Not to sound, all that but its alittle creepy that people send me emails saying "I saw u here and there", but never leave a return email address or even give their name in the email. I figured, most people who see me out never come up to me or introduce themselves(I LIKE THAT!!!) In public, I like to get to where I need to go with little or no questions asked or any converstaion in between. I dont have an attitude or think im a god(well maybe I do!!) but im reserved at bars or clubs and I just like to dance or have a beer and talk to people who have something interested to say. I get weary of the drunk bottoms who want to get fucked or used and come at me aggressively in the clubs. I got enough sex in my lifetime to last me for 50years, so Im very picky on who I talk to. On that note: I will explain why I dont talk to people in clubs. When I go to a club(one time a month)Im there to dance and let out steam. Im not there to pick anybody up, look for a date, or look for a relationship none of that. I Just dance, so all u drunk bitches who got some liquid courage in ya, and try to pick me up or start that convo about wanting to suck me, take my fist, or get ur ass used. Im gonna cut off ur head before u even get started with the bullshit. I like that people find me hot or sexy but when it comes to following me around, staring, and finger pointing it gets old. But I have an "attitude" or think"Im all that" because I dont want to talk to ya. Sorry Little guys, look at the pics, buy the videos(when they come out), or even hire me. But i wont stand there and entertain ya, if im not working, or getting paided for it. Now U might say, U suck and should give ur fans the time they ask for. How much more do I have to give the fans??? They see me naked, watch me fuck, I will sign the autographs and take the pics like anybody in this business. But I dont sleep with fans just cause they think im hot. I loved to be worshipped but I set the time and place, and its with who I want when I want it. Suck and Get Fucked on that people!!!


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