Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Okay update time, I havent wrote shit forever and I know I know. U will give ya updates more pics more news whats been going on for the last month. I dont know where to start and what to say so far but damn since the last talk I had a chance to write on here I was Preparing a Major Trip. I have come back from that trip and then some i have so much to write so I dont know where to start first but lets start here:
Yes i had my first chance to do my first porn and i had a good time. What to say about the experience it was as i expect and more. When i got off the plane in San Fran I was like its time to start working the best way I know how. I went right to Hotel and checked in and got comfortable in my room and I then i headed to the gym to work out as i got settled in. Why U think im crazy???? For wanting to look my best I had another day before the shoot anyway so it was just my proven to work stomach excersies that i was doing. The first day of shoot was strange I was thinking over and over is this something that i wanted to do Is It? Those thoughts kept runnign through my head over and over. This was the time, I can turn back and run back home and just give it up and quit. Was I cut out to do this kinda of work???. Not to sound funny or just crazy, but i was so nervous my first time "coming out of the gate". I was like a soft noodle I cant shake the feeling that was doing something wrong. My Sexuality, is my own and even though i have a very active sex life now it will be on display for the whole world to see. I kinda of was sitting on the side, Just feeling like shit and nothing was working. As i sat there and thought what I was doing. The cast was very supportive and so was the crew. I felt that all this time i was shit talking like i was going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread, and I cant even get a hardon. Whoa, lets put it this way i sat there for a long time thinking. And then it clicked, just like a light switch, U did all this talking and jiving. Be the funny, serious, aggressive guy u always are and get through this. Then the body kick started itself, I was ready in gear and working the scenes which I think came out way cool. Shooting was different, for me u get into the action and forget the cameras are there most of the time. Even though the angles that our bodies is turned and held for camera shots can be a pain in the ass sometimes. The overall look on film is very different and the angles are necessary so the camera is like having a third person in sex that wants to see the action. I worked with two other models and both were really great guys. I had a great time with them and wish them success in this business as well. Back to the shot now. That was only first day shooting, and we was picking up the pace and then its the end of the day. I went back to Hotel and got some food and just watched Tv and fell out.
Day 2 We filmed at the Studio this time which was cool. The first day they had us on a farm and it was outside and the wind was blowing allittle cold but hey u have to get through it cause I wanted the shoot to go well and came into this eager to work. But the studio, was different(in a good way) laided back and i had a great time there. Today I was ready to work, and i pulled all the stops and came out swinging(Literally!!!). In a nutshell, all i can say about the shot was that I worked both those guys and I think that will show up well on film I cant wait to see it!! I dont go through details cause I want u Guys to see me in Action when the flim comes out.
Okay its Show and Tell time: What Company am i working for???(I cant give that info right now, read below for details why)Were the Guys Hot??(White Guy, Latin Guy) if the company hired these guys then they must be hot right??Duh. How Much did i Get Paided(I never talk about Money sorry)When is the Film coming out( I heard Sept but who knows)Will I be filming more Movies( OH YES I WILL!!). What other Questions can i answer now that u might be thinking about. Yes Im a top in all my scenes(cause im a top in real life and on film) Hmm What do I expect to get out of doing Porn(I love to show off, and I think this is a Great platform for me and I like the direction that this company is going. And the money aint bad either) Any other news??
Well Kids all I can say is, I love what I do. I guess Im good at this busines because the company I worked for offered me an Exclusive Contract to work with them. Now this blew my mind, granted im not ugly and I think im in good shape. But to work on one film, one scene, and only two days of work, being offered the opportuntiy to work with them again is one thing. But not only to work with them and offered a Exclusive contract is big for me. I was surprised to say in the least. Now i know u kids are like who??? What company??? I gave exclusive rights to use my image to only one company. Now i have to Tease ya. When i started this journey i was parttime escorting and looking to get contacts when i went to Las Vegas for Hustlaball. I went out with a passion to be seen and heard. As with all entertainment, there is a waiting period. U have to be seen, have a sit down talk about working with each company. They put a package together for ya and then u go on tour to get ur name out there. To make it in this business, u have to take the pictures, do the filming, and then editing, package it up, and then advertise. So if u think u have overnight fame in this businss or any is a complete lie. In this business, in my opinion, u have to make decisions that make ur entire career or kill it in one step. Choices and choices, that is always the hard part. Did i want to work with other companies coming right out of the gate??. Being a model in this industry is funny work, If u have a look or type that a company wants to use they will hire ya and use ya just as that, A model that is all u are(We All know this). Working with other companies , does offer the great range of making money in the industry. U work on one film that is a couple of thousands and another and another and another u ring up quite a bit of cash cause u have done 6 or 7 movies in a couple of months time so in one way that is a good thing. U make a good lump of cash in the shortest time. In some ways thats a good thing ur out there and people see ya and u can go on tour as either a Escort or Stripper, or webmodel and make good cash. But in my opinion, that is short sighted and ur not looking at the overall picutre. The point of it, is yes ur hot and people want to see ya with this person or that person or situation..etc.. Nevertheless ur in the public eye, S0 WHAT u made alot of money working with this company and that compay, but ur image is ur selling point U have done so many projects that people are tired of seeing ya. Yes we have seen ya naked we know u have the Big Dick, Hot Body, Cute face but u have overexposed urself and by next year ur old news. As i see it, u have about 2years of good work before ur over exposed. I might be wrong or right who knows. Face it, it takes about a yr for all ur projects to come out and then u can go out and tour for the next year solid cause u still have projects coming out at the same time ur on tour. Believe me there are webshows, photo shoots, interviews, signing autographs sessions, the dancing, promotion tours. All this will keep ya busy for the next year. Have I been going off track???? Im in this business, cause I like to show off, make money and I like to travel. But this is a business, working with one company alone, all the attention is on urself. U have input to make the best product u can, and if u enjoy working with the people and the crew, makes the job even better. As an Exclusive, in my first time coming out i can make 4 quality products to get ur attention that are memorable rather then making 10 products that was soso just because i wanted to make more money on the spot rather than make a great movie that can stand the test of time. I take this serious, im not going to have this body all of my life, or the looks but the time i still have it im going to make it work as long as the public still wants to see me. And believe me I have alot to offer this business then just a big dick and hot body. To give a hint to those who are dieing to know what company Im working for. I selected 4 companies that i wanted to work with cause they were big studios that i wanted to start my career with either. Falcon, Titan, Colt, Lucas Entertainment/Dark Alley(these companies were nyc based). When put out my package i heard a response from all the companies,I was suprised at how fast i heard a response. Every company i sent my package to responded to me in less than a week. I interviewed with each of the nyc based companies. I even had a auditon for Lucas entertainment that is on his site but that audition was last year time(and I wasnt in top physical form). So i helped ya out so far, so u can stratch off Lucas entertaiment as signing me to an exclusive deal even though i had fun working on that set. Well Im not giving any more hints until the News is formally put out there. So there u have it, thats what i have been doing for the last month and i cant wait to tell ya who i signed with and get this ball moving. But thanks to all u guys who write me and also to those ones that are dieing for more info here u have it i will write more this week, and i took more pics of me outside and inside of my house for all those wanting to see more updated pics of me there u have it enjoy!!!


Steven said...

I love your blog, I wish I had interviewed you at HustlaBall. Sounds like you were there with a plan. I cant wait to see your video.

Steven said...

I retouched one of your amazing pics. I tried to email it to ya but I cant find your email addy. I hope you like it.


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