Monday, May 29, 2006


It sucks I wrote another blog instead of this one got deleted and I write these things fast and what im thinking about at the moment. Watching Tv and writing this now at same time, so if it sucks so what at least I wrote something. Well today was boring as hell and I think I slept alittle long today cause I had a long weekend.Hmm What business to take care of u may be asking?? NO BUSINESS THAT IS THE PROBLEM!! I have been bored out of my mind. U think the life of a porn star would be fun. Boring!!(Okay True I did a scene a month ago, signed exclusive and have more projects in the works) But Im waiting for this ride to start, I feel like Im at Great Adventure and waiting in line to get on the roller coaster.
Its funny, since I have more free time, i have been going out and having fun. On that note, Im getting approached more and more on the street.. I understand that I put myself out there by sharing myself. But people come up to ya at anytime??? It freaks me out. How to explain it??? When I was escorting my old name was Giant. I formally introduced my new name of Diesel Washington on sites and on this forum. When someone approaches me(or in this case come running from across the street) Yelling Hey Giant!! Its pushing it. Im somewhat nice in public, but I was alittle pissed. He used my old name, told me he loves my pics on rentboy(Rentboy?? I havent been on that site in two months and when I had pics, it was under the name Diesel Washington) I did small talk, he was partied up and said goodbye. I go home, sleep and do my thing of checking my email and recieved this email:
Hi Giant,I approached you early this morning outside the Rawhide on 8th ave/21st. Street. I apologize if it was uncomfortable for you having me walk up to you like that on the street out of no where, but I figured I had to if I was to have a chance at getting you to come to Queens. I would like to hire you sometime soon - I will get your # from rentboy. I live 2 blocks from the E and F trains, so my place is easy and quick to get to. I included a link with my pix below as well as some ass pix. I am leaving for vacation soon to Alaska, but will try to connect with you when I get back and hopefully we can set something up. Enjoy your memorial day, Rich .

I dont usually put up my business end of stuff, but in this case I wanted u as the fans to realize what I go through constantly. Flattered yes, freaked out yes. I take it as a nice thing though. U feel the need to reach out and its cool. least if u like my blog or the work I done before or even my pics, remember my name at least. Which gets me to think, without any listings currently out for my services, and solely posting new pics on this site, people still remember me. I still get calls from new clients who remember my cell phone number, and I get emails from people who see me in the club, walking, or out and about. What the hell is going to happen when my movies come out and this porno thing takes off???? Madness!!
Question of the month goes to Steven (PinkMafiaradio):
I am loving all the new posts, and photos. I gotta tell you usually when a guy goes on and on about how much of an alpha male TOP he is; he is really compensating for something he lacks. I think it was Shakespeare who said, "methinks the lady doth protest too much" I have full faith in your toping abilities but what made you decide to blog about it as if you had been challenged?

Thanks Steven for ur question and ur support. To answer this, firstly I have to say Im not a Lady(Ur still cool with me Steven) But U have answered ur own question with ur own email. Im challenged everyday on the street and in my everyday life. I brag about my skills cause I have skills!!! I could play that strong silent type but that is not my personality. In the gay lifestyle, its common to reference other guys as bitches, girls, queens etc.etc. I call guys bitches and pussy boys cause that is what they are there for, hungry holes for fucking. On the other hand, Im quick to point out to u as fans or those who like my style, IM A MAN so that means refer to me as a man, not a woman, miss thang, girl friend, etc etc. I BRAG ABOUT MY TOPPING SKILLS SO MUCH cause I have no films out, and i recieve alot of email from haters who dont think I can fuck for shit. And I think its fair for me to brag about being a alpha male cause im proud of it. And there is something Im lacking or compensating for in my life....... I get carried away with sex,sex,sex and havent found my match emotionally. So Until I find the one that can look past Diesel or Giant and touch me emotionally and mentally, I will be that fucking machine. And whats the difference??? If I fucked the shit outta some guy onscreen and then blog about fucking the shit outta some guy, After seeing my movie u would say" Damn Diesel U fucked the shit outta that guy". Im a big talker, but i back up everything. Im currently not in love, or have plans to fall in love so i will fuck my way to the top and take no names!! thats it for tonight SUCK ON THAT BITCHES!!!


Steven said...

WOW, Very cool answer and thanks for posting my question. Your blog is always such a fun read. Thanks for putting it all out there. I hope I can get you on my podcast one day so your fans can hear you speak about your interests as well as read about them. Cant wait to see you on film.

Anonymous said...

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