Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Sucking ass instead of writing????

You know I have been letting down my blog fans......

I have been spending so much time on Twitter, instead of sticking to what I do best. I read over some of my last posts and its all VOTE 4 Me, projects coming out, and Quick rants...

My blog is my "Bread and Butter", at the same time I have to establish a presence on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and Twitter. Guess what social networking tool I'm still working the bugs out of?? Ding Ding Twitter!!

I don't want Foursquare or Tumblr or any of that crap but Twitter, yeah I had to step up my game on that. My main goal was to break 1,000 followers, now I'm not one of those guys that believes just cause he has... lets say 15,000 followers that I'm super powerful and there is an Army of people that will do my bidding. Come on!! I don't believe in that shit!!

As an Entertainer however, I have to use all available networking tools to promote myself. My Blog was established 2005(good following)then from there I joined MySpace in 2006(good following)and then Youtube in 2007(Decent). Facebook in 2010? I created two pages(Good following)and finally Twitter!!

I suck at Twitter, and had to learn that shit!! Most people I guess tweet from their phone, I use my computer, so its like my computer is on at work(I throw out some tweets here and there)when I catch my lunch break it allows Me time to type away. A couple of tweets when I come home, I pack and head to the gym, when I come home from gym I jump back on. Now that sounds crazy, at the same time I scroll through Youtube(obsessed with it)reading blogs, checking out the news around the world. Then from there I check all my email accounts, answer email, so in a nutshell I have no life at all.

Twitter is fucking crazy!! Being locked into that 140 character setting is nuts, I have to condense and condense my thoughts into a nice neat little package. As far as Twitter etiquette I have none, I think its retarded to have any. Why?:

I have noticed some people on Twitter take that shit too seriously!!!

Again, yes you have followers but that doesn't mean you have a fucking Kingdom!!

People unfollow you with such attitude like "OMG this guy is blowing up my timeline, I don't want to read his ranting crap!!" You think I want to read what u ate for the day, or what club your going to?? You think I give a shit about how bad your family is treating you?? Or issues with your family?? What your watching on TV or listening to on the radio??? I COULD GIVE A SHIT!! But I'm not going to unfollow you cause you had a Twitter meltdown or Twitter War!!! ITS FUCKING WORDS ON A SCREEN!!!

On it's basic level its a promotion tool, I get it!! So of course I get the promotion tweets, its almost like Spam to Me check out my Live show or check out my scene bah bah bah(I'm guilty of the same thing)I get it!

I just wanted to break 1,000 followers just to see if I could do it!! Some of these Twitter folk watch their follower count like its the most important thing ever!! To lose a number of followers is almost like losing white blood cells or something!! Its not that serious to Me.....

I guess since they give awards for Tweeting, all the porn stars on Twitter take that shit super serious!!

Twitter is way too clicky for Me

Since I restarted my Twitter page, alot of my thoughts are being played out on Twitter instead of my blog. For example, I will think of a topic that I want to talk about on my blog and as soon as I get on Twitter I notice I'm posting my thoughts that I would use for my blog and condensing them down to 140 character bursts on Twitter. So I'm robbing my readers of rants and observations that I would use here because they are being wasted on Twitter. For that....

I'm sorry! I should stick to WHAT I KNOW!!I'm a blogger and I think since I wanted to get my feet wet with Twitter I have basically watered down my blog into just a press machine.

I'm back!! So I will keep my focus on blogging rather than drifting off in Twitterland. Besides I don't have that 140 character thing locking Me into tiny sentences that hardly express myself. You have to understand people I wrote 948 posts on this blog..I EXPRESSED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!!LOL

That is alot of writing, alot of subjects, alot of rants and raves so bear with Me. I'm back to blogging full steam, YEEAAAAH!!

Look forward to interesting posts and those crazy observations about a business I love..

I'm typing Bitches!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm getting a crush on u, not because of ur physical hotness or cuz of the pornos I've watched, but because of ur brain. Ur blog makes me horny and proud at the same time. Keep it up :)