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At the same site Vote for Me for Best Daddy, Best Performer. I really want the Best Performer award, I have been performing shows for Rentboy for almost 6years the Rentboy people really know how to take care of you. The Best Performer award is something I can take home after everything is all said and done(When I retire).

The Daddy nomination is new for Me, I have accepted being a Daddy so let the cards fall as they may...

Okay after having no shame asking people to vote for Me, I think there are some things that I need to speak about...

I'm feeling alittle better and needed the weekend off to relax and get life back in focus again. It's not easy maintaining the lifestyle of Personality/Escort/Porn Star/Blogger/Human being each one of these factors seem to leak into the other one and makes life so fucked up sometimes.

Diesel Washington was a character that I created, but it has become something different to people:

Sexually the character is take charge and fucks the shit out of Co stars. People love the energy and the take no prisoners attitude.

The blogger gives you insight into the character and what makes up Diesel. It's made of rants/raves that are brutally honest and sometimes downright crazy!!

The Escort has the direct approach of providing a service for those needing a Big Muscle Top that forces the client into submission

The Personality, is direct and honest and no frills. Some people talk a good game and wind up bullshitting you or lieing to your face. The Diesel personality cuts out the middle man and goes directly to the important stuff. He is firm with his decisions/ideals/ethnics and will not be swayed or bought out and he will never sell out...

And the Human part.....

Diesel is many things to different people, but What about his Human side?? I never said I was perfect or a role model for people to look up to. I have my fair share of problems, made my mistakes, and I said alot of things that gave people the impression that I was Cocky, Aggroant, and an Asshole at times. But I am Human!!!

I traded my privacy, insanity, and a personal life to become this Diesel character. Some days are rougher than most, but I'm still here and surviving!!

One of the things that I'm proud of is never having to portray some kind of Thug character.....

I look at websites like this:

All I can say is I'm not a Thug!! I refuse to play that part and that whole stereotype of "Thug":

I'm not wearing Do rags
Gold chains
The baggy pants
Gold Teeth
Smoking Blunts(on camera that is)
I do not use racial epithets in my scenes

I'm not dumping on the sites that use that Stereotype or image, I'm just saying that is not the image I want to portray in my movies. We have enough Thugs or Homeboys in entertainment as it is. I understand its a Fetish for certain people, that whole image of the Homo Thug or Ruff neck that beats and belittles the white boys. The constant use of the word Nigger or Nigga in scenes. In my opinion that is so tired and used to death in gay porn.

At the same time, I stay far away from the Black Balled themed series as well. I'm tired of that same scene of the little white boy being gang banged by a bunch of black males in a scene. Its 2011, and porn seems to move 10years behind...

In society today, there is more and more interracial dating happening. Couples are mixed now, and alot of the hangups of yesterday are gone. People are exploring more and refuse to be locked into liking one thing(age/race/size/religion)

Only problem....

Porn is not moving fast enough to reflect that change, alot of hardcore consumers that buy porn are from the Midwest(alittle behind the times over there)so they are still alittle close minded.

Another factor for declining sales in porn is that the public is not getting feed what it wants to see. They are being force fed Gay4pay stars, lackluster performers, and cookie cutter porn stars that all look alike. But whatever it is what it is.

Moving on...

On that Mandingo character again....

People dog Me out saying that I play the Mandingo stereotype, not sure what stereotype I play, when On/Off screen I'm an aggressive top. I could understand if I were a bottom or versatile and all scenes I was getting hired for was Top work. I could understand if I were versatile and wanted to do a Flip Flop scene, but the Studio/site only wanted Me for a top role and actually discouraged Me from bottoming. But the honest truth is that I'm a Top, not more I can say to convince people but that is the truth.

I have no interest to bottom, and I do not work for a check so the offers(huge amounts)for Me to bottom are kind of pointless at this moment. Like I said before, the minute I find someone to fall in love with and share myself with them FIRST(De virgin). Then maybe down the road I might decide to bottom for the viewing audience, as I see it now the only thing I have left untainted and untouched is my ass. I have done it all on film and/or escort work, so the only thing that keeps my sanity is that I never had to sell my ass in this business. No offense to other people that do, but that is not the right choice for myself.

Moving on.....

I received some good news on Friday, but I can not share the news until the press release comes out. So get ready for that!!

I will say this........

This is great news!! I'm proud and look forward to sharing the news with Fans and Supporters out there.

More later....


W.W. Wylie said...

done done and done on votes...and sad there wasn't much else in there for me to vote on (a white male attracted to masculine men of color.)Good luck on them.
As to the rest...since all porn deals in some sort of stereotypes to quickly set characters the whole thug thing doesn't bother me-till I see some skinny thing with a dorag andtatss that opens his mouth and a flock of butterflies come outlabeledd as a hard top thug...the stereo type is being over used.
And you are right. Interracial relationships are growing and opening up including in some areas that were always at least a little problematic in our youth (s/m interracial with a dom white top that doesn't call on racial history). And porn isn't that far behind...just typically going with minimal amounts of scenes-some of Race Coopers interracial scenes are good examples of black men bottoming for white men and not evoking racist imagery.
with tMandingongo thing...isn't the massively popular thug actually tMandingoigo thing???Seriously they can't have it both ways, cheering on the "thug porn" genandamd shooting ydownoen Mandingongo simply because you play a dominant your size they are expecting a bottom???lol...funny I doubt they would say anything if you were white and your size...they'd expect you to top because again porn deals in commonly held notions-stereotypes-to quickly get a character set without wasting actual sex scene time.
Youdonedoen good as a product and a person commenting on porn. Don't let the haters get at ya.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, I'm glad you feel a little better, and I hope that soon you're restored from your last episode.
With regard to this post I think that times have changed and many people are not afraid or ashamed to want, to share from a friendship, a relationship or whatever with people of different ethnicities, religions or genders, just like you describe.
But there are still many people with archaic mentality, not only in the pornographic environment, in other environments that have nothing to do with porn also happens.
There is something I agree with you 100%, and that's verbal degradation of a person to another with regard to ethnicity or race, I think show this in a film, although it is understood, it is a fantasy , which is done is to fix in the mind of a viewer and encourage this kind of manners.
And the saddest thing is knowing that there are people who later are affected by these practices, lends itself to do this and then screams for this kind of treatment by people with whom they want to socialize happily after.
That kind of language, is that then favors racism remains dormant in many people.
Well, Diesel, I do not want to elaborate and go around the bush and I do not think it's a place to get to philosophize on the subject.
I do not want to bore you much more, so finally, I just want to say that I'm glad you feel better.
I send to you a big hug from Buenos Aires.

With love...your biggest fan...Adrian.-

The Unlikely Bayou Progressive said...

Mr. Washington...I agree that the thug scene in gay porn (or straight porn for that matter) is tired and degrading however I also believe that many of the movies that YOU make are somewhat degrading as well. I know that you've heard this wordage I'm about to use before but I firmly believe it. You mostly perform with white guys and you're usually immensely bigger than he is. The whole Mandingo/King Kong image is quite hard to get beyond in your films. I am not at all knocking a preference. I myself am a black male who probably has a "preference" for white men however I don't just limit myself. I date EVERY race and enjoy it all. It seems that you don't give your ALL and your dick is never NEARLY as hard when you perform with blacks as it is with whites. This is just an observation from a HUGE porn lover. I AM a fan, though Mr. Washington.

Diesel Washington said...

@ the Unlikely...

I published your comment because I think sometimes the viewing audience doesnt understand what happens in a sex scene. Not sure how you compare Diesel doing scenes with a black/white guy and how hard my dick gets with each??? Does that even make sense??

People have no clue what happens before, during or after a scene. You meet ur co star sometimes that day on set and it takes time to build chemistry.

Maybe the shoot went longer than expected? Maybe it was a morning shoot? Maybe I had a scene the day before? There are alot of factors when it comes to filming scenes.

So bottomline its kind of retarded to think my dick gets harder for Blacks than it does for Whites, or my dick gets harder for Whites than it does for Blacks.

Well not retarded...more ignorant but you are entitled to your opinion

pdq said...

I voted for you (naturally), but I want something from you in return.

Actor Leslie Jordan (Will and Grace) is hosting the Hookies this year - all 4'11" of him.

If he (4'11")presents you (6'6")with an award, I wanna see pics of that on this blog! I imagine the two of you could have a helluva lot of fun posing together.


Greg said...

I don't know. Like i said in an earlier post I really don't get down with the white bottom\black latino top thang. Sites like thug hunter and my least favorite ITsGONNAHURT really turns me the fuck off. Im a dude of color, im attracted to dudes of color and also a bottom so there's not a lot of porn that caters to dudes like me. And the few titles that are considered "ethnic" are littered with interracial(white bottoms) sences. I mean damn.

Andrew said...

I can identify with the "Mandingo" dilemma Mr Washington is presenting.
I too am an ethnic minority; however as an Asian American I find there is a limited supply of English-speaking gay porn which casts male Asian performers. And even aside from porn, but in gay culture at all, there is a constant barrage of inuendos that Asians are all: feminine, sissy, and bottoms. And as much as I hate to be the one to play the Butterfly stereotype, to be quite frank--I am 100% bottom, with submissive tendancies.
In some ways I question whether this was just the way the cards were dealt to me, or if this stereotype played a hand in the molding of my sexual habits. So even though I'm somewhat subject to the stereotype of an Asian bottom, that doesn't necessarily mean I condone the over-dramatization of the ticklish, little Asian boy bottom.
Anyways, sorry for the long rant...I have insomnia right now :S

Azzedine said...

But you do seem to love to do IR, which is just as bad, i understand they pay more and have/run everything and that's where the $$ is. I guess you gotta enjoy it while it lasts. I'm curious, what will u do when they tire of you? I guess i'll be seeing more of you w/your own people. Have fun while it lasts Love :-)

Azzedine said...

I see you seem to love to do IR, I can agree that "thug" thing is played out, but that's what they want to see just as they do IR, to me that's just as bad, i'm not a big fan of it, particularly the whole snow queen's fascination w/the "mandingo" black man and how they cast men of color to fufill these needs of the snow queen by putting out those types of movies. That's quite degrading to me as a blk. man. But you seem to be lasting and they haven't tired of you yet. I'm wondering what will you do when "they" tire of you? When that time comes i guess i'll be seeing you paired with black men . . . .