Thursday, March 31, 2011


You the Fans......

You guys have supported Me for so many years, so I feel honored to make these "Youtubes" for you just to entertain. I'm kind of tired of sitting on my ass and seeing people filming bullshit!!

To go to the next level, I have to get more comfortable behind the camera. Play with the angles/lights/body positions and just work on that camera eye.

The biggest problem I see is learning how this lighting thing works!! I worked with Brian Mills(Titan Media)and no offense to other directors. Mr Mills just knows his lighting...

Not to kiss ass or anything, but Mr Mills knows these tricks with lighting that just adds that element of the unknown. Anybody can set up lights and blow out the models(unflattering), it takes that special lighting that shows off the contours of the body!

I have alot to learn..........

Anyway... I did a new Vid check it out!!!

This one in HD so enjoy.....

Learning things everyday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, I liked the video and I liked your tattoos, one of your tattoos is a cougar? That tattoo is amazing, just like a tattoo of a sword. I love when you move your chest, I loved making the movement of a chest, the heart seemed to beat there.
I did not know is that one of your pecs had a small mole, it is very sexy and cute.
Well, I send a big hug from Buenos Aires.


PS: Sorry but in my last response, I wrote in error, several paragraphs in Spanish, I was so excited about writing, I forgot to translate what my hand writing. kisses.