Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Alot of stuff going on....

It's finally time to put my Master Plan into action......

It sucks that I have projects coming up and I can not talk about anything. Argh!! I have to make a progress report, if I don't people think I'm just laying around waiting to fade into obscurity...

Seriously there are projects coming out by the big studios, that I look forward to seeing. At the same time, since these Studios have their own vision(one without Diesel)I have to fend for myself in an ever changing porn market. Do I have my regrets? Sure!! I miss the days of sitting on set about to "Create" something, that nervous energy when the lights hit you and then the director says "Action"..

But reality kicked in and so did the year 2011, if I'm not getting hired by the Studios. Start your own!!

You don't like the footage, create your own!!

Start your own!!!


And that is the road that I'm on, alot of bumps on that road but I am a survivor!! I really have to get off this perfection bullshit!! I want to control every aspect of this process but I know that is impossible and that pisses Me off!! I have my own vision and direction that I want to go in but there are always drawbacks to everything. I will be honest with the fans, the biggest issue I have about this "Starting your Own" thing:


I don't know? I have been an escort for many years, then turned porn star(which is same thing, my opinion)so I have been paid for sex my whole Escort/Porn career. So how ironic is it to start my own porn business but then having to PAY someone else for sex. I still have to get used to the concept:

You mean when I'm done pounding out some bottom, I then have to write a check to that bottom. Really??

Contrary to what people think, I understand porn is a business. Models work for a living..DUH I'm a model!! I don't have my head up my ass thinking models will work with Me for free. Although...

I see alot of porn stars running over to Xtube/Cam sites and working with other models just to show off for promotional reasons. Maybe I'm behind the times or something, I do not get the idea of doing a solo or duo scene on Xtube or on some free Cam site?

Basic notion

I get and understand the need of creating a fan base on a Tube site, and then using that promotion to move forward(Many successful leaps). But aren't you giving away the milk for free!! No offense to fans out there, I love to entertain you guys but I have to run a business some day right? You get the personality for free, you get the blog for free, the pics, and Youtube Vids all for FREE!!

X tube, Sex on Cam or doing Live sex shows that is just something I have to get paid for!! I know I know Xtube has a donation thingy....

Come on People!! THAT JUST AIN'T MY STYLE!!

I just tested the waters of Xtube just to see the reaction it would have. Positive...but nevertheless I want to bring something new to the porn industry. Respect to those sites because THEY DO have a purpose, its for Pros/Amateurs that want to produce their own content.

With that said, I do have to point out I'm not a fan of Tube sites that use pirated content or footage!! THAT CONTENT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM!! *now let me get off that soapbox..

Moving on...

I have Panic attacks thinking about everything I want to do. ALL BIG!! I'm not running away from the idea of it all, just laying down the ground work for a smooth transition is all.

The big studios are scared!! Popular websites are beating them to the punch every time. Look at it, more and more companies are banding together to cut costs. Studios are folding left and right(Studio 2000) Fighting from being Bankrupt. Times are tough out there.

I'm going to let the Cat out of the Bag.

Studios are releasing content filmed 6months ago(nothing new to that story)but the amount of releases have decreased! Unless your apart of that Falcon/Raging Stallion merger, other studios are cutting costs(scene rates, production, locations, promotion)to keep above water! More power to Titan, Channel 1, Hot House(Despite things)Colt and others for still being able to compete in such tough times.

I don't feel too bad though,

Business is business!! If studios are not using Me then its my job to compete with them. I have alot of high hopes and a heart full of passion!

I mean I have to start some where right?

And by judging from that Xtube, you people have such high hopes for Me. Most comments were about:

Lack of cock
Bad lighting
Not showing more
Too short

I think I can handle that for the next round.....

Well I told you about a project!! FML I plan on doing another Xtube for fans out there as a freebie for being so great to Me.

I really like the film style of this BLACK SPARK!!

The use of music is always tricky, but I like his angles, unfocused shots, rough editing, use of closeups and much more. It has a feel to it and really captures the viewers attention.

I want to bite their Style!! I'm just being honest! Call it bootlegging if you want. So in a sense a Black Spark/Gonzo style of Xtube flick, this is one of the projects that I'm working on. No money involved at all!! Just to show MY SKILLS!!

Come on people, you came this far with Me. From escort to porn star to blogger to personality....

To Director(anyway you will be the judge)

I got some showing and proving to do!!



Miss you "Petey" all I do is think about you and say MMMMM CHEESE!!

You think I was going to write a post and not brag about "Petey".......HAHA WRONG!

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Anonymous said...

Yesh but Xtube free 'natural' videos could put a damper on business- pirated or not. And if businesses want all those videos removed and people arrested the more FREE videos will be made on xtube and the like