Tuesday, September 07, 2010


First here is a Vid from Frasier "Junior Agent" starring Kristin' Chenoweth. As I said before I like watching Frasier and just love the Humor....

Seems like a page from my life, I wanted that Agent that has that "Hunger" for its Client!! She is going into it with so much "Passion and Fire" "I'm Hungry Too!!" and she wins at the end(YaY!)...

But alas my story doesn't end well..

I wish this situation was like my own, but its not!! I wanted fire and passion, and I got a luke warm reception at best...

This is the agent I wanted, I didn't want a "Junior Agent" I wanted my version of a BeBe Glazer as played by Harriet Sansom Harris

Long Story short, I have ended my contract with David Forest.I wanted to give David the benefit of the doubt, I was a fan of his "Work" back in the days of the "Mega Stars". His Old school style of Getting Press and working the publicly end of things I will always respect for.

Yes David you are the "Ring Leader" and I still respect the way you get press for your models and I learned alot about "Promotion" from you truth be told. You are One of the Greats at promotion (DF, ML Jason S, all these old timers LOL)but like I said before, I studied your style in the past, used it and created my own style of publicly. I became a "Press Monster" myself so the Pupil has to teach the Master now!!

You are correct when you say "A model should never be late to a show" I was late to MICKEY'S...

I'm sorry to the fans that missed Me or left early thinking that I was going to be a No show!! But you People missed one hell of a show!!! The place was packed with Porn Stars and industry people!! I was surprised to see all the people that came out!! But back to the main topic!! Eye opening things were discovered on this trip

A Agent should never:

Put out an email blaming Me for losing 50 audience members at a show because I was late. If they were my "True Fans" they know I was going to make it!!and I did!! So put it on record, DF told me to get there by 7:45 and my set would start at 8:15 I arrived at 8:15 on the dot!! Also were there so many porn stars in attendance that they could have pulled anybody from the crowd to kill some time before I arrived!! Which they did anyway!! Secondly, there were not giving any free drinks to Stars appearing(Really??I mean not one drink ticket at least?)So I was not in a rush to get there. I took the Bus to get there!! Sue Me for trying to save money!! This entire trip came out of my pocket!! I just wanted to redeem myself, because I missed my other appearance at Cocktail with the Stars, and I wanted to come for the Fans!!

If I was a Agent and my High profile star comes to town, not only will I stay in contact with Him. If I know he has an important show to do that night, I would pick him up myself to make sure he arrives safe, esp when you know he doesn't drive and is not familiar with LA.

If a model is not being paid for his appearance(I had to pay for my own flight)find his own lodging(I stayed with Wolf Hudson, thanks Wolf!!)and find his own transportation to event(when his agent drives)If I'm late!! I'm late!! A true agent doesn't let Fans(of his Client) know that he is running late(you stall). I did this for free!! This was not a paying gig!! So the party doesn't start until I get there!! That is my right!! If it was a paying gig, I would be right on time!!! I'm not an inspiring model that needs the publicily to get his name out there. This was a give back for my LA fans!!

If I was an Agent and "My Star" comes to town, I would think We would have "Lunch" or something to talk over business. That never happened!!! Tsk Tsk and that really broke the camels back!!!

Out of all the things above, not having a sit down dinner or lunch to talk over the direction I want my career to go.... That was a Major NO NO!! Call Me Old School, but if your representing someone, you always have that "Breaking of Beard" with your client. That is just How it goes..

I just find that Rude!!!

Shit!! Even if it was at a StarBucks and it was a Power Meeting over Coffee or Tea that would have still done the Job for Me!! I wasn't even given that!!!

Anyway I tired of getting used!! I'm not going to be used as a stepping stone for yet another person to use to get his name back out there!!! I thought the idea of signing with David was risky because of his past.

I still won't judge him on his past, I'm only judging his treatment of myself currently...

Sorry buddy!!!

Like I said above I wanted an agent like BeBe Glazer. David Forest you are no BeBe Glazer!! So its time for Me to go bye bye!!!


Anonymous said...

glad you left him...he doesn't deserve you

Anonymous said...

Please come to minneapolis, I'll put you up for free at my place and even buy you drinks!

Victor said...

You were on time either way. No harm, no foul. Personally, I like the whole spectacular-entrance-right-on-the-dot thing. Did you enter the room through big rings of fire being balanced on seal's noses? ;)

On the surface its boorish behavior, for sure. But what I want to know is why the hell would you want someone representing you for no-fee gigs?? Sure, there are the fans to consider and you're lucky you can afford it because you've managed your money well. But you are waaay too smart and waaay too known not to be able to hustle yourself and keep the money in your pocket. Good riddance to that other nonsense.

On a completely unrelated note: That is really, really sweet that you put up a GayVN Banner for Wolf! He's very lucky to have a friend like you.