Sunday, September 12, 2010


Cheer Me or Boo Me!!

I will still get a response!! And that is the name of the game!! You may not have seen my work, or read my blog or seen a youtube. But you know my name Diesel Washington.

How many aspects of my game did I show the people?? I came out hard as a model(in your face) I show my performers heart with every scene. I give you this blog which is mere glimpse of the person behind Diesel Washington. I give you someone that is honest and bears his heart and soul on this blog. I could give a shit about the Gutterbunnies(you know who you are)

Alas, I have some shocking news to report, by Dec 2010 I will be ending this blog, and trying something new for a change!! Aww don't feel sorry for Me!!

The concept of the blog was simple and direct and hit its mark!! It was written from the perspective of an inspiring model looking to break into the business and make his name. It was to chart my progress coming through the ranks and making it to the top! My workouts, pictures of my travels and just some behind the scenes of my character Diesel Washington.

The blog then went through changes, I started blogging about my romantic life which was a nightmare. Why did I take the blog in that direction? Hmm good question, I ask myself all the time Why Why??. I started talking about Race issues, Health issues, Haters, Users, Fakes , Tons of Blog wars and then I got on that Twitter shit!!Geez I opened the doors to even more Haters!

Its been a tough road, at first I could separate the dualities of Porn star, Blogger, Escort, Trainer, Performer but when you get to a certain level, the things that you tried to keep separate tend to clash together!! When I came on this ride, I said I would talk about as much as I can(I have to protect a Brand you know LOL)but it crossed the line and I started including my personal life(pieces)which opened the doors to people "Guessing" that they know Me(You don't know Me, or my Type). Nobody has lived in my shoes, or traveled the roads I have. I have been homeless in Germany, and had to fend for myself!! I had to pick myself off the ground a couple of times I'm a Fighter!!

Back to my blog...

I do the skits for the fans, the dance Vids(all for the fans) I come up with something entertaining and funny or thought provoking. I did my famous Diesel Washington Interviews with some of your favorite porn stars! Peter Twins, Tommy Defendi, Landon Mycles, Ricky Sinz, countless names of stars. Shit I could retire from modeling and just do interviews, I have the talent for it!!

Every model in this business, uses the blue print I left for them(For the most part). You get into the business, write a blog, do some youtubes, and get your name out there!

First ever Grabby!! given out to a PornStar blogger(Yes that was Me!!)I took that title, now every porn star is advised to start their own blog, cause that is what you do, along with getting a Twitter/Facebook. But that doesn't mean you get an instant personality!! That takes time to develop, either you have it or you don't. And I have been going nonstop for almost five years, Five years of posting my thoughts, anger, bad times and everything in between.

I see all the glamour blogs out there, no offense but that is not my thing!! I tend to read the Gritty ones that has a brutal honesty to it!! I love my Geek blogs and Fanboy blogs.

Crimes Against Human Nature, that is the name of my blog. I think its very fitting for my character!! I think that's the very first time I said the name of my blog in a post.Ding!!

I think one of the reasons why people Hate on Me, is because I'm always in the News. Its not my fault that you people don't write something exciting!!It's not my fault that you don't know how to promote yourself! Its not my fault that I get more press in one month then some people get their entire career in porn!! Whoops did I say that?? LOL

So the models sit home, Mad and upset that nobody is picking up on their stories they write on their blogs. They get tired of seeing my youtubes, coming up with ideas before them so they sit in the house being pissed at Me(for no reason)!! The hate just brewing inside of them!!

Diesel in the news again?? Who is He hating on this time? I'm tired of hearing about Diesel. Diesel Diesel Diesel

Its like its out of a Brady bunch episode(Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, the younger viewers have no clue) so the pressure of the Hate is building in their Guts. And they look for a reason to come after Me to let off that pressure. But the real problem is that you don't know how to promote yourself, your bitter!!!

Bottomline, I COULD GIVE A SHIT WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME!! At this point of the game, people are going to hate on me regardless of what I do. Everything I do is under a microscope and people keep picking at Me because they have nothing else better to do. The Hate compels them....

Clearly if you don't like Me then:

Stop reading my blog, but you can't do that because your curious as to what is going on in my life. You can't help yourself!!

Stop leaving your hateful comments, all that does is just feed Me. I wont publish them anyway!!

Stop watching my films, but you will continue to do so because you have a Lustful Hate for Me. Admit it!!! You love to hate on Me and you probably jerk off to that hate that fills your soul

Stop watching my youtubes, but you can't stop doing that either. Your curious to know what type of youtube did I do this time??

Its so simple!!, If you don't like Me then stop responding to Me.....

So the Haters can't stop, they feel the need to vent their problem with Me!! Its like the urge is too strong to resist!! I have to Hate on Diesel Washington, I have to read his blog, I have to watch his scenes just to find material to hate on. I have to respond to Him!! I can't stand him, I have to put him in his place bah bah bah!!

I'm annoying, I have a big mouth, I'm a douche bag and an asshole, I'm this and that!! People talk and talk and talk!!!

I'm easy to find people, you want to vent your anger towards Me!! Well bring it!!! I could careless what you think about Me. I'm going to keep blogging about what I want, and about who I want. Its called...

Free Speech!!!

So I guess there is nothing I can say but Stay tuned!!



Anonymous said...

you are so right about these haters...if i hated someone i wouldn't read their blog...they are probably jerking off to one your movies while they are writing you these letters of hatred..sick bitter jealous queens!!

TitleMan said...

Sorry to hear you'll be ending the blog. It was one of the first I ever followed, and I will miss it. Best of luck and successes! I know I am not the only one who'll keep watching whatever you choose to do.

Anonymous said...

i dont think forgetting about you will be a problem.
good riddens to bad rubbish i say...

Anonymous said...

in response to the third comment ..WHY are you reading this blog? does someone have a gun to your head forcing you to read it? i say good riddens to you

Anonymous said...

You arrogant ass can you end your is gettin interesting and you cut us off? That's almost as bad as being strung out on good dick that's OPP.

Anonymous said...

any news when they are releasing your scene from twinkscape?! i've been waiting for that one for a long time!!! --michael

Anonymous said...


Ricky Sinz said...

hey boss its been awhile i see damon kruezer is targeting you on his blog just a heads up do not respond to him via email phone or anything the man is a true sociopath and will try to blackmail you hes a nutjob

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T...sorry to see u are closing up shop here in December...btw ref "Nobody has lived in my shoes, or traveled the roads I have"..that is always a two way street...and there is always some one worse off than you or us...anyway I will keep following your blogg...the only one that I do follow btw...always interesting/annoying/funny/feel good/ Good Grief Charlie Brown!/ perplexing/confronting of my own ideas etc/enlightening/ a wake up call/ LOL quite often Thanks!/entertaining and informative/a peek at your world/wish I was-had been there / some of the photos were really good! make them into a book! or eBook!/New York New York!....and stop whinging about being alone, u are not the only one mate!...Good Times...Rgds..Laurie

Mr. Toddy English said...

This is really sad news. :0( You are easily one of my favorite reads. Moreover, you changed my initial perception of porn stars as being air headed flesh peddlers...
You are a really good person and that makes me an even bigger fan of you and your films.
Take care luv.

filmfanatikk said...

Good Riddance