Thursday, September 30, 2010


by Fariview Sue

Fan pic

by Vin Nolan

Fairview Sue

This Trip....

Was amazing!! That is all I can say....

Lets get into my mental, I tend to over think everything and I'm learning to take some time, collect my thoughts enough that I can write a good post. So let's hope this is a good post.

First off the bat, I had a chance to see my EX running around at Poppers. It was a shock to him(but I knew I would run into him)now I could be upset that He would throw Me under the bus so harshly..

But its cool, alot of people do not understand that I have a very forgiving heart. My bark is mean, aggressive and alot to handle at sometimes, but at the end of the day(week, year lol)I look at the situation for what it is, I like to put things on the table and get over with it. So I see him running around trying to avoid Me(I'm talking to Zach about it)So of course I have to pull my EX to the side and talk to him directly I said "You don't have to be scared, I want no drama, I'm extending an Olive branch to you in peace, so you don't have to be all scared, RELAX HAVE A GOOD TIME!!" Hugged and left him to having fun. End of story!!

Regardless of things said or whatever I do care about you, so this whole post of "High or Drunk or Both"????I knew that you drink, but your getting high now?? Your highly intelligent, and playing the drunk and high card, Hmm?? Umm Ok??And add the bitchiness to it...
High or Drunk

Good Luck with that!!LOL

Moving on...

My brain works funny, so depending on the situation I have a certain way of thinking, with that said next story:

So I was talking to @NaughtyLauraD at the Cocky Boy party(??)And there was a alot of flirting going on. I froze, I mean I was stuck on stupid!! I would back away cause mentally I shut down, I tried to explain the situation, and nothing came out of My mouth.

The situation, I have played with women before I am attracted to Men/Women..

In normal situations, if I see an attractive woman I would flirt and throw some convo.

But I was in San Fran, I was at a gay porn event, I was doing the whole Diesel persona, the direct answer. I was in Gay Mode, Gay Porn star at the bar mingling..

I mean if We were in a different location, around different circumstances, We could kick it, talk the shit..wink


Damien Crosse my boy!! God it was good seeing you!! We hung out for hours just talking and nothing has changed about you. We slipped into "Real Talk" and FUCK I missed that about you. This porno train can wreck some people, and turn them inside out. I miss the support I had with you, because We are both going through it together...Awww I'm getting teary eyed LOL. Dude you company rocks!! You and Francesco are doing your thing!! What up sexy Francesco?? Glad I had a chance to keep feeling you up!!LOL


To my Man "B" you funny....LOL That is all I can say!! Def need to chill with you more. You are so on point, when you see your victim you go head first no bullshit!! I like that!! No games when you see someone you want you make it known!! I would go bar hopping, club hopping with you anytime!! I don't know why people just hold up the wall and don't dance and shit..... Speaking of which.

Sorry people when I'm at events, sometimes its about business and sometimes its about letting loose. If you went to any of the events, most people would probably see Me on the other side of the room, on my phone texting. I was not trying to be Anti social, I escort and I have to make my money.. So if it seemed that I was annoyed or playing to the side because I didn't want to mingle, not the case.

I'm a big boy, so when I tour or go to events I'm playing double duty. I playing Porn Star, Personality, Escort. That is probably the biggest difference between Me and some other performers, I go to events to put in an appearance and network. Some of these boys are there to hookup, have sex in the bathrooms whatever...I'm not judging, Been there and done that!!

At this point of time, I'm about my money!!I play here and there but its cool that everybody else lives out their fantasy. All these hot guys around, I would be banging them too, if I didn't want Client money!! Which brings Me to another subject, I see all these hot guys and I want to sleep with them of course, but I want to do it on screen!! Why not hold that sexual tension you have, and display it onscreen?? Ummm you get a paycheck and get to fuck at the same time!! I guess I'm weird like that, I'm that guy that doesn't have sex four days before a scene, and if I'm attracted to you, and have seen you at events and We have flirted before. Yikes!!That shit on screen is going to be fire!!

Now I can stop bullshitting you, I have amazing Chemistry with a certain performer. And I spent an amazing two nights with this person, just talking(no really) Now I would love to do a scene with this person. I said I wouldn't name names on my blog, I won't name names. I want to explain that energy I have with this person first. We can lay in bed together and not have sex and its all good. We talked business, life, all at the same time that strong sexual tension is right there in our faces. It's not always about the sex People!! Duh if I'm a Porn Star I'm programmed to get hard and fuck. So its refreshing that you can have that sexual tension and not act upon it sometimes, that has been a major turn on for Me lately yummy. Besides this Performer already has someone they love. That is something I don't Cross!!

You want a Hint??

Moving on...

Wolf Hudson, My Bro its always good seeing you. Handle your business Pimp!! So people know He was rocking a hot jacket to the 2010 Gayvn awards(check it in Pics) I'm counting down the Days until I can see your scene with Pierre Fitch(Hottie)that shit is going to be banging!!

Moving on.

Fair View Sue, I love the pics you take!! And yes I need to smile more in my pics(Im trying)We were talking over at the Raging Stallions booth, I think about Feet. I was stoned at the time, but YOU DO HAVE NICE LEGS!! I was kinda in a fog at the time!! I had alittle bit of an "Attack" at the events. There were alot of people, and people were coming at Me all day pushing their "Agenda", some stalkish fans, and it was alot!! I mean alot to take in!! Whew!! In other words, if I stood there like a babbling fool, My Bad!! Oh and the girls were dieing to take off their boots, Oh well Fashion is fashion.

Moving on..

Howard from Fabscout and Gio, I only got to see you guys briefly. I wanted to spend more time with you guys but I could tell you were busy "Babysitting" And not to cause Drama, Howard some of your models who got on stage to win awards, everybody was Thanking Chi Chi(rightfully so)but they should have been Thanking You and Gio as well, YOUR the one that gets these boys work!!REAL DEAL! And when they are broke, who is the first person they come to?? Howard from Fabscout looking for work!! Who do they go to when they need the glossy pictures Gio!! Tsk Tsk silly models...

Moving on...

Ummm yeah I did find out that name of that model, Tyler Andrews and he's a Fabscout model WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT???LOL. Lets put it this way, you made it known that you were in my area. Here is your plug!!

Thanks Howard!! For sending that over to Me!!LOL

Moving on.....

Dylan Roberts and Landon Mycles, yummy!! I keep my distance around you guys!!I want to chill and blaze and kick the shit!! But in doing so, we would be homies!!I want to fuck you guys!!LOL So I like keeping that distance, because I could see Us laying back, blazing, acting goofy and that is where the friendship comes in. In my mind, I need that tension there, so when We fuck(On camera)that shit is going to be Banging. Then afterwards, We can be Homies!! Business bitches!! Business!! Two Hot power bottoms!! Damn!!

Moving on...

JuicyGoHoe, that Dick!!! I went to an event hoping to run into him. Nope!! I waited around for 40mins....Nobody!!I was not waiting around all day, so I left. Next time JuicyGohHoe you Barebacking Highlight Reel of Death. I hope that comes off as harshly as it sounds!! He is one of those Bareback models that uses that bullshit logic that people of trash use.

"I'm having real sex on film not that fake bullshit"

"I go with partners who Sero test(whatever that means)"

"The guys in Mainstream Porn bareback behind closed doors, so they are hypocrites"

What fucking kind of Logic is that?? Yeah And??? They play with their own lives off camera that is their business(I'm not going to judge) On camera, they display responsible models that protect themselves on screen to their fans and the porn audience. That is the Most important message, because footage lasts forever!! I rather send the right message for the future audience and upcoming models.

What they do behind closed doors is their business. That is one of the reasons Why I'm so vocal about testing models. I get tested once a month, and if someone is playing Risky at least I have knowledge that they were tested. Its not 100% but at least I know if someone is carrying an STD(besides HIV)they are ruled out of doing a scene. There is no Porn Health Insurance!! I don't want to leave the set, coughing, or having something growing on my lip(Again)cause I picked up something from another model.

Again JuicyGoHoe you are a Dirty Highlite Reel of Death!!

Moving on...

Okay the Vid, FUCK LIKE DIESEL "Celebrity Edition" it was filmed by Adam Killian(have to give film credits)

And the Vid FUCK LIKE DIESEL "Bodybuilder Edition" that was filmed by Wolf Hudson(film credit)

Hmm What else???

I'm looking at my DVD collection and I star in 19...

I don't like that number at all, I know I said I wouldn't open my legs anymore!! This deep dicker wants one more...

I'm at 19!! I have done 19DVD's in five years..Drop in the bucket, 20 is a good number!! It's just an even number(its a thing), Energy needs to happen for number 20 If I'm going out, I want number 20 to BE HUGE!! Simple Math..

Popular Star + Fanbase(Spending Power) + Strong Performance + Promotion = SALES!!

Moving On..

Tre Xavier Bah Bah bah youtube, no humor, dry, and just kinda of boring!! Really!!He tries to call Me out And say I play this role, Of Big(Cause I go to gym and eat healthy)Dark skinned(born that way, Yah!)Shaved head Brute!

Now this is where it gets interesting, he says I'm shaving off the indicators of my "Blackness")texture of hair? really I don't know what he was talking about. It was retarded!! I shave my head, because its getting thin on top!! Truth be told. Geez that was such a weak attack!! Bah Bah Bah your Vid gets 5 on the scale(of 10)while you do have strong points, that I agree with. You often went into Ranting about this and that, and talking about your Career of no Hits!! Geez lame!

Moving on...

Enough yapping...

Guess another post soon...


Dre said...

I am jealous of dude sucking your nipple

Anonymous said...

after reading this blog it seems like you don't have much in common with this porn crowd..other than your few friends like damian, wolf..the rest seem like they are on another planet...distance yourself from this and do your own thing you said its all about money...maybe start an escort service

Sue said...

Thank you for complimenting my photos - this is my first professional gig - would you believe it? I think you look so much better when you smile; most people do. I might be at Hustlaball! Maybe I will see you there!

Fashion is fashion - a truism that will kill all women who are slaves to it.

Jimmy said...

True, Tre Xavier seems to have a problem with everybody. At 40 years old, he has not learned how to move on. He thinks "calling people out" is significant, but he's just someone with a ton of envy and disappointment in his own circumstances.

I tried to watch his Vlog but a half hour of never ending complaints. The same complaints he's been making for years. He's just plan creepy. But creepy in an entertaining way. BTW, notice how his Vlog is filmed in front of an Abercrombie and Fitch poster? For someone who is always screaming racism, he doesn't understand the irony of featuring A&F, a company reapeatedly sited for their racist hiring practices?

Then I look at his facebook, twitter and blog. Ever notice how people rarely cooment on his postings? So really, he's just talking in the wind.

Did he comment on your appearance? Jeez, I love how someone compare his look to Sammy Sousa. Nuff said.

NaughtyLauraD said...

hehehe I knew you had it in you somewhere!