Friday, October 01, 2010


This goes to all the EX's running around, throwing their legs up!! FUCK YOU AND THE GUY FUCKING YOU TOO!!!

I kid!!

Dating has been very slow, I haven't put myself out there in a long time. I was going at a good rate and then I put my focus into myself(gym, writing, networking, working) So yeah the weather is getting fucked up and Winter is coming...

And that means the Winter rush is on, it would be cool to have someone to cuddle with at night(did I say that?)you know that thing they call a relationship?? I kept my love life off the blog for a bit, but that is something I should talk about more. Success comes with the price, of being lonely. Oh well I will be fine!! Comic Con NYC is coming up so that will cut into my time.

Oh Hustlaball NYC is also coming up, and it looks like I will be Emcee for the show!! Yah!! Last year I had a good time, and it look likes I will be covering this event Diesel style as well..

I'm getting alot of emails from people wanting to see more of Me. I have been showing alot of myself lately, this blog is suppose to be a window through my eyes but I guess I need to look into the mirror more. Are you looking to see more of Diesel?? More of the Editor(Terrance) or both?? Its hard to maintain this blog and keep private details in check!! I do like to have my privacy sometimes, even though I spoil you Fans and readers with insights about my personality(I can be a Mess sometimes).

I never claim to be perfect, I can be Cocky at times but for the most part, I think I have alot to give to that special person. I think doing this business will not enable Me to find a real loving relationship, but I guess that is me being a Diesel Downer(insert Debbie for the queens, LOL)but then again, Who knows???

Enough of that Relationship talk.....

I took four days off the gym last week, I went into the gym yesterday. I'm beat up!! Tore up!! I did that Chest and Back split with Abs/Cardio thingy. I worked hard to get back into shape and after last week I set the bar. The newer models are working more than Me(I'm a broken record), while they are saying I'm a has been and old. On my downtime I'm hitting the gym and its seems that those same people pointing fingers at Me. YOU GUYS ARE GETTING SOFT!! You guys are losing your edge, Abs not as tight, looking at models getting extra rolls. The young models are getting the dark spots under their eyes. Are you burning the candle at both ends again??? Tsk Tsk

I'm hitting up the gym HARD, I'm writing scripts and coming up with new stuff in the Lab. This is what a Super Star does!! We come out strong and steady, and We pick our shots, five years into this and I haven't had a Flop yet!! It maybe old history to some other people, but I have been attached to nothing but Hits!!

A SuperStar takes a step back, and lets the newer models coming into the business share their stuff(performances, style, appearance). We check you out, watch your work to see what you bring to the table. I did my thing already, I won my awards I had the DVD covers, Big performances I did that already. It's your turn!!

So far, I have been the sleeping Giant for almost a year, I worked on "Getting Levi's Johnson" and "SteamWorks" and I did some Web work. I see some Bright stars and then I see alot of Filler!! Its funny that the Scene fillers are running around like Super Stars!! It's cool make your money bitches!!

Finally people are taking Me serious about the whole "Real" thing. I met alot of models during the Gayvn/Folsom weekend and the models are finally talking to Me like Humans. I even caught some models going into a story, and then midway stop and say "You always tell it like it is, so I won't bullshit you, this is what happened..." Nice!! I like that people can speak to Me openly and not play this "Everything is Rosey crap" Ahhhh refreshing...

I want to be serious for a moment.....

The Shocking deaths of some Gay teenagers are making its rounds through the News wire!! That shit is fucked up!! I will not stand for my Gay boys being teased or threatened because of their sexuality. I'm 6'6 and 240lbs, I have been in the Military, Security at Clubs, I have been in my share of fights!! Yeah its easy for Me to say I will not be pushed around because of my sexuality. It was not so easy for them!!

It's sad, I have been reading alot of the stories!! We need to take action!! So I'm going to step up my efforts to make sure that Gay boys are not being stepped on!! I can do this by speaking my mind when I hear Homophobes start ranting about Faggot this and Faggot that!!

It's kind of shocking when these homophobes start talking that "I hate Faggots shit!!" And I challenge them by saying I do Gay Porn and you like hanging out with Me, so How can you say that??? I'm the Gay poster child!! I do Gay porn!!

It's time to put my foot down, I hang out with peeps who live in the projects and that homophobic shit is alive and well. Wait until the Homophobes Thugs meet Me!! They can test Me if they want....

This Man!!Will not back down!!! You better believe that!!!

I'm waiting for the Day someone tries to Gay bash me!! I will turn that Gay bash into a STR8 bash!!

And if they are cute, I will kick their ass and when they are down on the ground wondering what hit them, I will squeeze their Ass and say...

"What did you Learn??"


Anonymous said...

the gay world needs someone like you to come out and show those homophobes what a gay male looks like..maybe it will shut all those haters up!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on those deaths Diesel...sad situation that children would kill themselves than be proud of who they are! Thank you for bringing this up on your blog.