Thursday, October 14, 2010


Look at my face I'm so happy to be there!!!

So just coming from a Wake, I was shook up more then I thought. To everybody that said "Sorry about hearing about your Grandfather" it was needed!! I was not feeling Porn Starish and it was written on my face.

I pushed on and got through it......

Okay enough about Me I guess you saw some of the pics on the Sword. Okay I got the Vids that people were waiting for.

Here you go:


Adam Killian

Adam Killian, Ralph Woods, Fire dancer:

Austin Wilde(again)

Pierre Fitch and Austin Wilde

Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, Ralph Woods, Adam Killian, Spencer Reed, Phillip Aubrey

I had to get him on all fours, its a great looking shot, Austin Wilde:

Probably missed some people and I didn't go indepth like I usually do. I had my mind on other things!! I tried to get as much footage as I could get.

I notice on the blogs and in the blogging circle nobody really did a full write up about the event

I will give alot of insight information:

Alot of cock sucking going on, Geez you think guys have on knee pads or something. Seriously dicks in mouths all night(Not a bad thing LOL)

My mind was on other things, so I reframed from dancing with the other boys!! I felt bad...

Some good stage shows, again alot of cocksucking going on.

Some models were doing Water Sports, some of it was interesting, some of it I was like Hmmmm????

I have been doing a "Water Sports" act for years, before some of models were even in the Industry. Seeing how some of the models were using "Water Sports" for a performance piece..

I was like HUH???

I mean the "Water Sports Act" doesn't belong to Me, but nobody was doing "Water Sports" live(they were I know, but THAT was my thing) Am I the one that is crazy?? I was doing live Water sports shows back in 2006 with Damien Crosse. I have done four Black Parties, two Magnatudes, five Hustlaballs, eight performances at Gigs

At one point during the show, two models were on stage doing oral and rimming and one of the models pissed into a cup and the other model drank it...

Last year I did a piece with Lady Fag, I peed into a champange glass and she drank it on stage.

Not hating on anybody, I just thought "Wow they took my Bit I did last year" They remember seeing something shocking the year before and wanted the same reaction by doing something they thought would Shock the People. I laughed because it was the Highest form of Flattery. Both these models performed at Hustlaball last year so they were Witness to the Champange Act of Diesel and Lady Fag. So no I'm not being cocky and saying I'm Gods gift to Water Sports, just stating what I saw is all.

I was impressed with Chris Porter, I met the kid in passing a few times. I just thought he was a cute kid, I checked out a couple of his scenes. He's a good bottom, he takes the dick, moans and hes a good fuck toy. What impressed Me was that him still being fairly new to the business, he was able to get on stage and have a strong stage presence, and able to jerk off infront of a live audience(with the lights, music, pressure and being a bottom)I was impressed!!! To be able to get in a head space on stage and crank out a load is tough!! So good job!!

I'm hard on new talent, esp when they are thrown into the spotlight as quickly as Chris Porter was. So good job again Kid!! I give credit when its due!! The performance wasn't drawn out(some people take longer to cum)it had a good timing to it, Strong stage presence, and he had an Edge to him, solid performance.

But Who am I right?? Who am I to judge?? Hands down I'm know as a good performer(Hence Performer of the Year Grabbys 2009)so I have an eye for good performances.

Moving on....

Tommy Defendi is such a cool guy, I can't say enough about this kid. You have seen the Vids, Tommy is just a good guy. I spent alot of time with him and Lizz(Girlfriend) and they are just good people. Big shout out to Tommy!!

Big shout out to Pierre Fitch, Ralph Woods, Jake Steel, Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, much love to everybody.

Extra Shout Out to Rentboy staff and models, Sean Van Sant, Mike Dreyden, Jeff and the rest of the crew.

It was a good night!!

Another post coming up


Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T..I recognise and know that look/feeling...its like suddenly walking through a door from your own place into this big huge warehouse room...nothing is familiar...kind of a bit floaty as well...numb takes awhile to work through... visiting the grave (hmmmm crap.. I hadn't said that yet) works for me but still seems unreal...Rgds...Laurie

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hmm..its not a grave I am visiting but the person therein...that feels alot better...Rgds...Laurie

the word hit me like a cold brick...wrong one to have used...

Dark Absynthe said...

Ahh, that explains it. I remember you from last year and you just weren't looking like yourself.

My most sincere condolences. I'm sorry you had to put on a happy face when you probably just wanted some quiet time to yourself.

DA said...

Hope you film with Adam Killian sometime sson - he looks like he could undulate like an animal with you topping his prime ass