Thursday, October 14, 2010


Okay Kids.......

I needed some alone time(It was long weekend)so I went to Comic Con this past Saturday. I went with a friend(who will remain nameless)and I had a good time!! I had alot on my mind, with the passing of my grandfather and having to perform at Hustlaball I had alot going on...

I wanted to go as Bishop(like last Halloween)I just wasn't up for running around. I was in a funky mood, and I think I would have had a better time if things were different *sigh.

Anyway I had a blast hanging out with my friend and just taking in the sights and sounds on Comic Con.

Things I noticed about Comic Con:

I'm glad I had a chance to meet Iceman, I saw some footage of him at Last year Big Apple Comic Con seen here:

Literally tons of little lesbians running around as their favorite Anime character. I mean the lesbians are getting younger and younger every year. Seeing teen girls holding hands or kissing out in public dressed in character. Pure Genius!!! Smart girls... There are tons of Anime characters that are Bi sexual or gay, and it was great to see people embrace those characters and use them to display their own sexuality!!

Being a Geek myself it was great to be able to just let loose and let my inner geek out!! I found myself in convos with people from all ages and races!!! It was a pleasure just to be in a crowd with people who have the same interests.

The girls at the events are dressing sexy and just has this sexual energy to them!! Geekboys are geekboys. Geekboys haven't changed much, still socially awkward and still afraid to approach girls. Most of the Geek boys were too busy collecting Swag, or playing Vid games to even notice all the hot women running around.

I saw alot of Geek gay boys running around, it was cool being noticed and recognized. A few gay geeks came up to Me, waiting to take pics with Me and showed Me alot of love.

I know I haven't posted any Geek News lately......


In my heart, I'm a geek and nerd and even though I'm this "Porn Star" I will never forget about my fellow Geeks!!

COMIC CON was great!!


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