Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay I know people get tired of Me always attacking the Haters!!

I come at the Haters so hard because I'm growing tired of always having to justify myself or my actions...

Sometimes I wish people would just read the blog for entertainment purposes and just that!! It suppose to give you some insight into my life and be hard hitting yet show a human side that I choose to share.

I never get credit for balancing the Hard and Heavy character of Diesel Washington onscreen, with the sensitive side of the "Editor" when I write an in depth post about my life in porn or the Ups and downs of my life.

Terms like "Mandingo" "Black Sex Savage" always seem to come up, but if people really looked into the character and read the posts(On my Blog), you would see there is a big difference between the two.

That is the very reason Why I think I remain popular in this business. I am apart of this business, so I can look at the business from a Human level. I poke fun at the Hypocrites and Bullshit artists because I live in reality.

The fantasy is the Movie part, sure I get in front of the camera and try to turn people on, give them a good show so they get their money worth. At the end of the day, I have to live my life, pay my bills and keep my head raised high because life throws curl balls at you sometimes.

I just make sure I carry a Huge Bat!!! To hit another home run out of the park!!

Well enough talk.....

I just wanted to show a softer side, I always use Hip Hop, Rock....

I wanted to slow things down for you.



Anonymous said...

Since you brought out your softer side, be reminded that Sade tours next year! Come to B-more or Philly, would love to see you singing along with the rest of us!

Date City Venue
Jun 16, 2011 Baltimore 1st Mariner Arena
Jun 19, 2011 Philadelphia Wells Fargo Center
Jun 21, 2011 Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
Jun 24, 2011 New York City Izod Center
Jun 28, 2011 Toronto, Canada Air Canada Centre
Jun 30, 2011 Montreal, Canada Bell Centre
Jul 6, 2011 Boston TD Garden
Aug 5, 2011 Chicago United Center
Aug 19, 2011 Los Angeles Staples Center
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Dre said...

Woke up to this nice clip. Great look in the boxers. Love both sides of DW.

keeprnla said...

Change of tempo keeps me interested and wanting. Tender parts add dimention and scale to the hard edges. No need to justify your life; just live it.

Mr. Toddy English said...

LOL I luv u myself!
Keep up the good work and don't give the haters your power...:0)

Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, I know that you have a soft side, and it shows when I look at your eyes, I think that in another posting I told you that you can play a role of strong and secure man of yourself, but when I look into your eyes I know you save a special side of you , which obviously share when you feel understood and loved. .. Yes, it sounds sweet or flowery, but I do not be far from hitting the target.
You see, I read your posts and I do not see the actor doing porn, I see a person who has an interesting way to see what surrounds it, and is honest with the way they feel and express feelings.
To me, you're a man sexy, beautiful, .... I could continue to put labels to you, but this would make me a wanker, and I feel that this way I'm treated as sexual merchandise. For this reason when I read your posts I do not write bullshit on them, because you address issues that have not seen others to discuss that and with that particular perspective so that you have. You know, my grandmother always told me not to try to please everyone, because in the process to please everyone, because I'm always going to meet people that I did not like and if I lose my time on them trying to prove myself, throw away my time, because these people see the forest but do not see the tree, only see what to watch and see what they do not have and envy him not to have it for that reason and I hate you attack. Human beings, envy all that he can not and hates in order to cause you do not have it.
Dear Diesel, you're special, you've come a long way to get where you are, I admire that, DO NOT CHANGE. It's a shame that I live so far away, because I love to just be able to make a cappuccino with you and meet you in person.
With love, Adrian .-

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T...thanks have an artistic streak in you...good to see it as it shows more of the real you I think...Rgds..Laurie