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Now alot of you might not recognize this man, even people who are Die hard Hip Hop fans might not know this person.

This is Grandmaster Caz and this is Bio:

After seeing Kool Herc play at a party in the Bronx in 1974, Fisher decided to become a DJ, and purchase the necessary equipment the next day. As "Grandmaster Caz", he teamed up with his best friend, DJ Disco Wiz (Luis Cedeno). He later would team up with JDL (Jerry Dee Lewis) and form The Notorious Two. Caz began incorporating rhymes with his DJing and become known as the first DJ to do so. In 1978 he formed a group called the Mighty Force with Whipper Whip (James Whipper) and Dot-A-Rock (Darryl Mason). In 1979 DJ Charlie Chase (Carlos Mandes) from The Cold Crush Brothers asked Caz to help audition MCs for his group which was really a way for Charlie Chase to trick Caz into joining the Cold Crush Brothers. JDL, Whipper Whip, and Dot-A-Rock were also part of The Cold Crush Brothers before Whipper Whip and Dot-A-Rock left to join The Fantastic Five.

The Cold Crush Brothers began building a reputation in the burgeoning hip hop scene in New York, mostly for Caz's routines and lyrical ability. Around this time, record mogul Joe Robinson, husband of Sylvia Robinson, and, along with his wife, co-founder of Sugar Hill Records, happened to hear part-time club bouncer and manager of the Cold Crush Brothers, Big Bank Hank (Henry Jackson) rapping to a tape of Grandmaster Caz while working at a pizzeria. She asked him be the third member of a group that she was putting together called the Sugar Hill Gang. Hank accepted and, since he wasn't an MC himself, he borrowed a book of rhymes from Grandmaster Caz.[1] Caz figured that if Hank was picked up by a record label, then he would help Caz and the Cold Crush get a contract in turn.

Hank would use Caz's lyrics in the song "Rapper's Delight" which would become a huge hit in 1979 and is the first hip hop single to land on the top 40 charts. This was also the first time the term rapper was used to describe a person who is rhyming to music on the mic, such people had been known only as MC on the hip hop scene at the time. Caz would never receive any credit or compensation for the rhymes that he contributed.[2]

In 1982, The Cold Crush Brothers were featured in the movie Wild Style and would also be on the soundtrack with Grandmaster Caz doing the movie theme song "South Bronx Subway Rap". Caz released some records as a solo artist in the late 1980s.

I have been a Hip Hop fan all my life, and I go back to the roots of Hip Hop. Before it was IN to like Hip Hop I was there with the movement from birth.

When I was younger I was a Break dancer(old term I know)when other people were into R&B, Hard Rock, Folk or soul. I was Pop locking and doing footwork on the streets and at parties.

One of the biggest albums of all time, Rappers Delight was spinning on the turntable and I was apart of a culture that some people did not understand. I was in the theater rocking to Beat Street!! Wild Style, Breaking/Breaking 2, and who could forget KrushGroove???

This is way before the Acts of today....

Rappers didn't go Platinum back then(a Gold Album was huge)and it was all about the Streets, if you represented your block or neighborhood that was the highest respect!!

Fast forward to the big tours and huge pay rolls the Hip Hop acts have now!!!

Before all of that, there people like Grandmaster Caz who helped start this Music. I pay the highest respect to people like him.

Str8/Gay/Bisexual it doesn't matter what your sexuality is, Good Music has to start some where.

So to all the Newcummers to Hip Hop

There would be no Drakes, TI's, Jay Z's, Little Wayne's bah bah!!

Without people like GrandMaster Caz

Moving on...

I took a poll in the post before this and its very important. At the end of the week, I will collect the Data and present a Insightful post at the end of the week!

Stay tuned!!

I feel better it was a long weekend last week and it took a toll on Me!! I just needed some time to sort out things and finally I'm starting to feel like myself. I will be going on "Tour" soon and will have the details(its about that time again)and I have alot of networking to do.

Its back to business, I have let something slip and its time to bring the pain again

Look out world!!

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