Thursday, October 21, 2010


Polls results are in when asked "What is more important??

The comfort level of the models or protecting the HIV status of a model..

Out of 130 people

The Comfort Level of the model won by a landslide!!!!

Thank God for that!!To those in the industry who read my blog, look at the result!! Take it in and really understand what that means.

The comfort level of the the more important!!

Moving on...

I killed that steretotype that people once had of Me as this "Mandingo Fucker" What do the Haters do??? They come up with a new term, now the haters are saying "Black Sex Savage" now LOL. It never ends.......

Such simple minds, anyway...

You remember JuicyGoHoe?? No??This is for him:

I codenamed a model "JuicyGoHoe". A nasty bare back performer who stars in these movies as a "Black Sex Savage" who fucks and shoot raw loads in these trashy Meth out models. Star of such movies as "Stupid Cumdumpster" "Hypocrite Cum Dildo" bah bah..

Here is another nail for that coffin he is making for himself(I just happen to have a hammer for you):

Your a bare back performer, who looks for attention!! You use your Twitter for attention by doing reality checks of the industry(without any facts)Your messages would have more merit.

If you were not a Bare back performer.

Your rants about having more Men of Color in mainstream porn would have more merit.

If you were not a bare back performer.

You go after Industry people on twitter, trying to call them out using harsh reality. You can not point out hypocrites when you are one yourself. On one hand you want to call people out about the HIV issues causing panic right now. But aren't you a performer that films mostly bareback content?? Not sure you understand the message that you are sending out to people.

Well maybe you do understand the message?? and that is even more fucked up!!

I don't really understand when someone who does bare back porn, would twitter attack a porn producer who put out a PSA's telling people to protect themselves??

Who cares if they use models who have done prior bare back work. I think THAT is the most important fact of the PSA, taking models who have done bare back in the past, and helping them to understand that is not the type of message as models we should be sending out. Makes perfect sense to Me.

Anybody that has a problem with a PSA promoting safe sex must be ignorant in some kind of way. Why do you feel the need to criticize a positive message, that makes no sense.


They are a Militant/Conversion bare backer(JuicyGoHoe you are one)types out there.

A "Militant/Converting Barebacker"???

They are low, they use damaged reasoning to push an agenda. They are the people that are into the bare backing lifestyle hardcore!!! Bare backers have become very militant nowadays. They are fighting to keep their culture alive, by any means necessary. More here:

The horrors of "Conversion" parties, which feature a neg bottom that accepts the loads of Poz members. Giving someone HIV is considered "Giving them the Gift" "Showing them how to live a stress free life" a cute way of saying...

I'm HIV positive and I want to infect another human, like its some kind of sport. I know reality and that bullshit doesn't fly with Me.

Right now!! The militant barebacker,(sport Bio hazard tattoos, colored laces on their boots etc etc)Sounds like I"m wrongly judging, but at this point of time. I don't give a shit!!

I can respect an opinion(Based on logic/knowledge), but when they mask a hidden agenda to infect people knowingly!! I have to speak up and be vocal. There are hundreds of Predators that are HIV+, and they seek out to infect people. The madness of destroying or altering someone elses life for some kind of twisted benefit is wrong.

The distortion of ones reality, and not knowing Right and Wrong is disturbing to Me.!!It's almost having the mindset of a Sociopath. In my opinion, this goes on in the brain of the Militant/Conversion barebacker:

"Well everybody is going to get infected soon, so might as well bite the bullet now and accept your fate."

"I got the "Gift" to take away all your fear and stress and worrying about becoming infected"

"I figured if I'm affected by a certain strain of the virus, might as well go out there(bareback)and receive new strains of the virus so that the virus becomes a "Super Virus" and eats itself. There by you become Negative again..."

"Now I can go out and have all the loads I want because I have the virus already.."

"Well if he asks my status, I will lie to him because he should have known better to have unprotected sex"

"Well I have a bio hazard tattoo, if he doesn't know what that means its not my fault"

"I poke holes in the rubbers, hoping that they break, because most tops even though the condom broke, will keep going and pump in that load"

"I waited for him to get drunk, and then I climb on top of him and shoved my dick into him because he was so asking for it..."

"I'm not that bad of a guy, if someone asks if I'm Neg or Pos, I will tell them " I'm not sure, I haven't been tested in a long time" and let them make the decision to wear a condom or not. Of course that decision is made easier if they have been partying...LOL"


I'm a blogger, and alot of people know my stances when it comes to the whole bare back porn issue. I'm constantly approached by people stating their militant opinions(of course via internet)so I'm constantly listening to people's (Distorted)opinions when it comes to barebacking in porn.

What consenting adults do in their bedroom is one thing......

Pushing a barebacking agenda and being a bareback performer. I'm going to challenge you each time you open your mouth to push your agenda. You try to push it in public forums like Twitter/Facebook/Blogs/Websites....

When that happens, I have the right to go after you in public forums as well, because I don't agree with your opinions and your outlook on life.

JuicyGoHoe your the worst of the Gutterbunnies!!

You call out Scapegoats to distract attention from the Biggest problem your causing yourself. Your are a bareback performer who is having unprotected sex on film giving the stereotype that African American males are nothing but Black Rods full of cum looking to breed and load up hungry holes. In a day an age when HIV is running rampant through "Our Community".

You relish in the fact that you have so called renting #1 titles under your belt? You say your "Real" because you display the way people really want to have sex, and that other people are just too scared and pussy to do it on film. You call out hypocrites who say your wrong for doing bareback porn because they bareback in their private lives, and at least your honest about it. You get on a soapbox preaching that condoms are not 100% safe, but your bareback porn is safer than condom porn because your partners are tested and sero sorted!! You try to call out Me saying I play a stereotype of the Muscle, dark skinned sex savage and that is the wrong message to send out to people.

That is the mentality of a Sociopath.

Okay I will be that Black Sex Savage(who films with condoms, gets tested once a month, sends out the message I can get freaky but still remain safe)I will take that title over.....

Militant/Conversion bareback top that is a Sociopath....



Dre said...

Beautiful clip my dude. Got me drooling over the bouncing pecs. U jingling baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm all types of freakin' curious on who this is! Whenever I'm watching a video, I always shake my head when I see it with no protection. I shake my head double times when I read comments from watchers saying bareback is the way to go and how they're not watching unless it's bareback.


Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T.."Black Sex Savage"...sorry mate but all I could do was LOL...what will they dream up next...Regards Laurie...

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T....I must say I agree with your comments and position on barebacking on either side of the screen....Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching bareback porn after renting one of those SX Video title on AEBN. After seeing a guy getting DP raw & blood was flowing out of his ass onto the two tops penis. AND THEY KEPT GOING!!! Curiosity killed the cat.

Anonymous said...

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