Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is one of the best Hip Hop songs I ever heard!!! Nerd rap!! They capture the entire experience of growing up a nerd and watching your childhood memories being turned into SHIT!!

OMG I would fuck the hell out of both lead rappers in this song!! Mark my words I will get this song to cross over.....

Simply genius!!!!

I fucking hated the Red Hulk as well.....

Get yourself right Marvel!!

This makes Me proud to be a Geek/Nerd!!!!

Geeks rule!!


I had to upload a clear embed, I really have to give these credit!! SIDECAR you guys rock!!

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Anonymous said...

OH FUCK! I'm freakin out right now cause I used to watch the one guy at least every week but lately I haven't had the time. His name is Justin and he routinely does comic reviews with two other guys (one of whom just became an official Marvel writer) they call themselves comic book club they even do interviews with creators and live shows in NYC every week. Here's their youtube:

and heres the link to recordings of the show they do onstage every week if your interested