Monday, September 27, 2010



Some people only think about themselves, I saw people getting their cameras ready for "Their" moments on stage. Me being not selfish(as always)I shot as much footage as I can of the Award show.

I like to say sorry to the people who I couldn't catch on camera, my battery only had three hours of charge, so I had to get as much footage as I could before the battery died.

Since this is my Blog of course I'm going to start with my moment, which stole the Show.

Here is FUCK LIKE DIESEL "Celebrity Edition":

Start of show:

First award Best Newcummer:

Best Solo:

Best Duo

Best Alternative

Best Group Sex scene

Best Fetish

Best Cum Shot

Best Supporting Actor

Best Actor

Hall of Fame inductee Matthew Rush

Trailblazer Award

There were alot of touching moments during the show, I really tried to capture as much as I can.

Congrats to Sister Roma, my camera died right before I could get footage of her moment(I wanted to kick myself). Also congrats to Wilfred Knight for winning Performer of the Year

Trevor Knight for Best Top(I have other footage of him which is funny)

Bah bah bah

So for the most part that was the show, and then We all went to the Afterparty and then everything went black after that...

More posts to come...

Raging Stallion's Man of the Year

More interviews....Folsom Fair and much much more soon to come!!

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Sue said...

Your skit was by far the funniest! How clever! You had no need to be nervous!