Sunday, September 12, 2010


But you want to bring the pain okay....

At first I thought I loved you(I was so depressed about being alone, Where is my tissue??LOL),I remember We used to stay up for hours talking on Skype and that was our "Thing". We exchanged our life stories with each other and We made a strong connection. I was lonely and I dived head first into a Huge Mess called Jeremy Feist!!

As far as being a Negative person, Im not I just happen to be a Pessimist, and will admit to that!!! I never was an Optimist, never was and never will be. I have been so much stuff through my life, I tend to think of the worst possible outcomes in most situations, that way I'm prepared for the worst if it comes. Why get your hopes up and then be disappointed for its not the right outcome I know that is a bad way of looking at things but I'm being honest about it. I do try to see the good in people, but you cant let your guard down nowadyas. EX Bfs come for you now!LOL

Jeremy you live in a Internet fairyland, when you consider screennames as personal friends. AOL, Facebook, Aim, Yahoo, Myspace, Twitter. I thought you had real life friends, that you can see, and touch. Not screennames that come on a screen that you talk to daily. I don't consider people my friend unless I meet for real!! Is that wrong?? Or is it just Me??? But He really considers some of these people as friends!! I can see if you met someone, hung out with them, and then starting talking to them on Twitter. But then again, I guess I'm Oldschool I still remember Pen Pals(Remember that?)seems like the same thing, only the communication is quicker..

Moving on...


That is where U don't know Me at all!!! If I have something to say I will say it to their face directly, I drink a Big cup of "T"(Phillip)I don't live on the west coast so I ask friends about certain performers, Are they cool?? or an Asshole? Truth be told!!

I make my "Judgements" of course, like everybody else, but if I'm wrong I will go up to the person and say "I thought you were an asshole at first but now!! I think your cool as shit!!" And if they are a dick, and they approached Me to chat I would say your kinda of a Dick!!

I took some hits recently and you came running like you smelled bloood!! I know your hungry for Press!! I love the timing of your blog as well. Your going to San Fran, I'm going to San Fran so you want some Buzz around?? Get some press!! Feuds with Diesel Washington gets press nowadays!! I haven't talked to this "Kid" in months so He wants to write a story now? I smell a skinny dork behind this!!

So I guess I'm Mel Gibson and He's Oksana Grigorieva but news flash!! Suck My Cock and shut up!! Skinny Dork Bitch!! LOL

So I'm glad that your coming hard!! But this whole Bitchy "Persona" I really don't see it working. The direction of your blog is different now, your so Bitchy and self absorbed now!! What happened to you?? Even your twitterisms are so mean spirited now!! Ashame!! If this is what your evolving into.... I spit on that persona Umm Okay?

It seems like Diesel is always the bad guy, people think I play the Victim card!! How do you pull yourself from the people that constantly pull at you for attention?? It seems to be the blueprint, so was Feist jumping on the band wagon like everybody else?? Here is Diesels EX of three days, Wow!!!Read the scandal!! Come on people, a couple of weeks before GayVn's Geez!! And he's going!! It reads like a Bad publicity stunt for attention..


I don't respect you as a blogger anymore!! Your a Gossip blogger now!!Disgusting!!Where is your character development for your porn persona. You just a bitchy blogger who does porn! No indepth posts?? Bitch bitch!!And celebrity gossip, LAME!!

Your Porn Star in the Kitchen is lame too YOU ARE NO JOHNNY HAZZARD!! So stop trying to be like him, he had the idea first Copy Cat!!

And then You!!

Puppies nowadays, they can never make anything original always have to use somebodies name or theme for themselves!!

To end this chapter, Im going to Folsom as well Jeremy!! I haven't seen you since March(in person)so I like to address some of these issues you have with Me Directly!! But your going to run, like you do with everything in life that is too hard for you, You Run

So, I changed my name and ran from that. And it worked. And then, when Montreal stopped feeling like home and I got sick of the people there, I ran from that too. Running is a hobby of mine. And it works.

At least, that’s what I like to tell myself.

Keeping telling yourself, your Mister Porno King selling your scenes on Xtube(Its more than I got, LOL) Holla!!!

I didn't see this attack coming, but I'm glad that it did! I'm not playing VICTIM, I'm not looking for sympathy, I just want to set the record str8!!! I have been in this position before, everybody counted Me out!!I have been there and done that before!! Tear Me down!! Brick by brick!! Im a big boy!!

But what happens? I came back stronger than ever!!!

Time will tell!!

Watch for Me!!

I kept changing this post over and over and reposting it, no more!! As is!!


Anonymous said...

damn, he totally got to you

Anonymous said...

It's really hard for me to believe that you are a 40 something year old male.

You have the personna (and writing style)of a 14 year old girl named LaCreesha.

Anonymous said...

Wow your lil ex right there has no personality..."Uhm I dont know why they do that???" that's like all he said through the whole video...damn mafucka do you know anything???? LMAO...yeah he's a cornball!