Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Some of these pictures were sent to Me by Alex F, and Fans thanks people.

Now for some of the Vids, some people seem to think I can only pick up little white boys and put them into my signature moves. Ummm think again:

I'm an over thinker, and that gets Me into trouble sometimes. At the 2010 Gayvn awards I didn't win Best Top, but that is okay..

I had the chance to shine on stage with Alec Mapa and show my skills, I lost Best Top to Trevor Knight, and I can't get upset that Trevor Knight won. He has been in this business lot longer than Me so I can't really be a hater. I even give Trevor congrats for his win. See here:

While at Folsom I had the chance to stop by the Titan booth, and it was a strange feeling. I was once apart of this family, I used to be the one behind the desk signing autographs for the fans. I went over to the booth to say Hi and then I got alittle teary eyed!! I said Hello to Bruce Cam and Keith Webb and got alittle footage of Spencer Reed and Junior signing autographs at the booth. I wanted to say Hello to some of the guys that I worked with in the past but I just felt so strange. I started to have an "Attack" so I quickly left to regain my composure. I want to say sorry to some people at the booth, I know some of you guys have supported Me and rooted for Me in the past(Editors, shipping department, back office)I was kinda of a Dick for not saying Hello, I don't know I just felt kinda awkward....

Anyway here is that Vid:

In the next post, I will talk about my feelings about Gayvn/Folsom cause that is what I do...

Stay tuned!!

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James Sheridan said...

It was great to see you stop by the Titan booth if even for a moment. Always mad love and respect from the titan edit department. Thanks for using my pic at the end of your video! That was pretty cool.

-James Sheridan