Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Okay It was time for a Recap.. the emails have been very supportive of some of the Ideas that I'm working on and Thanks.. Shout Out to Giophotography again for the amazing pics.. Well since I put up new pic.. People have been talking, and thats good(for ego I need that sometimes)and Im happy that People are enjoying it...

Now I received an email from Vlad(The Russian Boy who took some great shots of Me)he was alittle upset that People started ripping Diesel a new one, cause the lack of Lust in the Pics that he took!!! Now I hung out with Vlad for about week while he enjoyed NYC and I was just enjoying the weather, and Hot ***(Use Ur Imagination). Vlad is a smart one, he didn't want to appear in my blog even though he was a Fan of my blog and Helped me out with some pics. I had to capture his image displayed above.. I thought it was kinda of cool not to show his face clearly(what he wanted) but I still got him. But anyway... he wanted to represent his skills.. I think the kid takes great pics. He used my camera to take some of shots(I need a better camera) He def took to heart some of the comments about the blog starting to suck and felt it was his fault...so hes back in Russia and sends me an email with some of the photos he took while we were hanging out in NYC I think these shots are hot.

I'm just happy that people see my vision and want to help me out and achieve my goals. Also Patrick the Assistant sent me the First two photos he was looking through his files and noticed he had some Pics that I never posted and sent them via email for me to use(Thanks Bro I know U still support Me)

Well there u have it.. No bright lights, no back drops, just Diesel in the Raw form!! Don't hate!!! I put up the Gloss shots.... U have to deal with the real pics as well, anybody can look great with some Photo shop, and good lighting bah bah. But I also think its important to strip away the layers. and show the Real Form!!

Yeah I know sounds like I'm being a hypocrite when I say strip away the layers, but Damn!!! U people see me naked!!! Read my blog! Watch the Movies! I need to have some privacy time to time. So I will let ya see the Raw physical Form.....

But only My friends and People that know me will get to see the Overall Picture!!


The Editor is boring..........Ur not missing much.


thegayte-keeper said...

the REAL pix are always the best

Afropick said...

Diesel, man, why do people spend so much time hating on you? I don't get it. I think you are incredible and I enjoy your movies and your photographs but I really enjoy what you have to say about yourself, your intentions as a man and a person in this business, and about sexuality. Keep on doing what you're doing brother. One!

DTNZ said...

We come here for everthing big D.

We dont edit our interest - please dont feel you have to edit your posts :)

Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Random shots are great. This is why people love looking a photos of the behind the scenes at fashion shows and stuff. Captures some real behind the glam.

Great shots with you below the light bar, I'm not sure what to call it. You're an expert at working with the camera, it seems.

CuteNKrayze20 on AOL/AIM said...

Hey Diesel, not sure if you remember Sebastian from GBU but i thought id give it a try and say hey! Hope all is well with ya and thanks for making the time there more then just sex or work for me :) Hope to hear from you bro!