Saturday, September 27, 2008


I Have been so busy handling "Other Things" I have been distracted..... I will be going to San Fran and hanging out with the Titan Guys(Always Fun!!) I will be performing!!!

Titan Media is also a presenting sponsor of “Magnitude” leather/fetish dance party Sept. 27 at the Regency Center.

Tony Buff, Eduardo, Derek da Silva, Dean Flynn and Diesel Washington will perform live between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

On Sunday, Sept. 28, the entire cast of “Folsom Undercover” will appear at the TitanMen booth during the Festival throughout the day to sign autographs and greet fans.

Additional performers set to appear include Alex Baresi, Marco Blaze, Dirk Jager, Chad Manning, Frank Philipp, Markus Ram, Fran├žois Sagat and Dominic Sol.

Yeah I glued that....I'm getting lazy these days.. Not Really!! I have been hitting the gym like a mad man and also I have been working on my show at Magnitude..

Now Folks U have seen my work(or not LOL) but I'm a Performer that is what I do I put on The Wildest Shows that People have seen... This will be my Last Show with Titan(Sadly) so Im going out with a Bang.. This Show will be the Greatest Piece I will do for a Loooong while. I will to make sure and take pics of the gear and my Partner during the Show.. In all my setbacks I had alot to do in the last few weeks. I'm rambling now... My Partner is Kameron Scott(yes from the BasketBall Movie).
Hes about 6'2 Mid Western Kid and I have prepared him for a great show!!! So Many Details but for those Who wont be there!!1 All I can Say Its going to be Wet!!! Wild!!and still tell a story with in a Story(What ever that means). For those not there Of course I will take Pics that will give ya an Idea of what happened.. Titan has been very Nice in Asking me to do this Event.. And Big Shout Out to Titan!!

Not to Sound all Deep and Emotionally, but I have come to enjoy these events.. And I really Will Interact with the Fans... I have gotten alot of emails over the years and the Fans have really stuck by and Shit..... And I'm really Thankful that People enjoy what I do.. Some Days are harder than Most, but when I look back that the times and People I have met over time.... it was Fun!! So have Ur Cameras ready and cards to sign and I promise I will sign every one until my hands hurt!!

To the Haters!! I don't know what to say??? U have hated on me so long U guys were like my friends always giving my pointers!!BYEBYE HATER!
To all the Sites, Blogs, News and Press guys... Thanks!!


A smile does go a all way..... I know that!! that reminds me... DOUBLE STANDARD NOW IN STORES!!!(kinda of Tacky yes!! but I have to get out Press LOL) MY Romantic scene I watched it... I was On point!!
I haven't really opened up(cause I haven't seen the finished project myself yet)and talked about the scenes...

It was good, really something that will stand out as some of my Best work...Given its not Fetish(Fisting, Footing, Rape, Piss, Spit)its Very Vanilla VERY...... Yet there is Passion to it, and I love the Shower Scene.. Finally I get the Sexy Water running over Ur body shot... I piss in the Shower as well...(who doesn't piss in the shower even u girls I know U do it too!)its Back lit and its hot.. The Fuck Scene was tricky. How to Fuck?? that comes across as Passion rather then that Animal side of things... I Played it very well(I'm talking about Myself how funny) As U will see in the Movie I play the Seducer(That is what I was going for) It came out Hot!!!

Now the Ending was Very Very Hard!!! Watching it, I came off Upset, But I wanted alittle more sadness..... I came across on the Screen like I was Hurt that I was being Used by Eric. And then Eric had to Dash out!!! Which is fine... Me being Dead to role wanted that Look of My Heart getting Crushed!! Well to think about it Now!! I played it right.... I gave U the Fans what U Wanted!!! A softer side of Diesel, U guys got a Bed, Hot guy(killer stomach), Shower, Foreplay, Kissing, Making Out, 9 1/2 Weeks Style!!! No Fetish Play, No fighting, spitting none of that and still put in a good fuck!!

Let me Know!! the feedback has been Good so Far!!

Pardon for fucked up Post sitting in Airport and wanted to get this out!! So It does read well fuck it!!! I tried to give ya something


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