Wednesday, September 24, 2008


HELLO Kids!!!! It seems that Diesel has nothing to say these days!!! Oh but I do!!! I have some nasty gossip and rumors to spread around...... Diesel been acting like a Little Girl lately(I know he will kick my ass for saying that) I don't know what it is.... The older He gets the more he whines about things and its this time he is whining about his Love life....... Which sucks lately!!

Rumor has it, that Diesel has been linked to another Porn Star(hint hint: He was one of the Models in the Porn Movie Summit!!!) They have been talking on the phone almost daily and things were going good until........ ????? Just Cut off no more contact...... So Diesel's brain has been on fire lately, and alas I had to come out yet again to save his Ass...

Love Sucks I guess....... I was never in Love with Anybody but myself.... Yes it sounds shallow but What can I do??? I have been living my Life for myself and I only take care of myself, and only look out for myself. Call it looking out for number 1 and looking out for myself is the name of the game.

Let me give ya some back drop for all the bullshit that is going on....... Diesel hooked up with this person about 3 years ago and then they lost contact. Recently going to Chi Town, Diesel met this person again and they tried to reconnect again, which failed again miserably.... this was for the Grabby Awards a few months back!!

Fast forward to Sept, they reconnect again(over phone) and then began to talk and talk and talk....things were going great until a few weekends later. Diesel talked to this Model on Friday and everything about the conversation was great there were no problems..... then it happened there wasn't a Call on Saturday(and he wasn't returning calls)No call on Sunday(no return calls)One text from the person stating that there were problems at work and they needed two days to get their head right. Saturday passes Sunday passes, Monday passes, Tuesday passes, Wednesday passes and still no calls or return calls.

Diesel has been sent into a tail spin and then Bang Bang Bang here I come to save the day once again!!!!


Anyway since I'm not the Loving type....I'm here to Cast a Dark Cloud on the Subject...


Love is what makes ya climb into the apartment of Ur Ex and torch their stuff and watch it go into flames!!!!

Love is what makes ya Dent Ur Ex's car door and put scratch marks all over their shit!!

Love is when u Stalk Ur Lover and find their new Love interest and Kick their Ass!!!!

Love is when U cant sleep cause U keep thinking who Ur Ex is sleeping with at night!!!

Love is putting up with all the annoying habits of Ur Lover, instead of taking a Fork and stabbing them in the head with it!!

Love is checking Ur Lovers emails, text messages, and received calls on their phone, Blackberry, Sidekick, Iphone etc etc etc and then cracking them for Info!!

Love is having to share everything, even if they are broke and jobless, and supporting them... unless u put their name on insurance policy and then have them killed for the money(did I say that out loud???)

Love is Falling for someone who used to be a slut and having to hear how many people they slept with... hear stories about all the wild parties and wild sex, and finding out that Ur Lover was a Whore, Slut, Freak and Sex Pig!!! From another Slut, Whore, Sex Pig!!

Love is like a train that ran over somebody, they are still alive when the train hits, and is still alive when the train is crushing their body. They only Die when the train moves and then all Ur organs fall out in a bloody mess!!

Love is like Cutting Ur Wrists and slowly watching the Life drip out of ya!!!

Love is like Pulling out Ur finger nails, with a pair of dirty screw drivers dipped in Shit!!!

Now all this talk is Depressing me!!! I need to go out and Kill some Puppies or Babies to recover!!

Diesel Diesel Diesel when are ya going to learn???? Love is like A Serial Killer, U don't know why he does it???, But he does and always leaves a trail of blood to follow his path.

Ur Path is Blood, Sweat and Tears and its time to Kill again but do ya have the heart to go through it again????? Love will find ya again!!!! but hopefully this time it will Finish the Job and Really Kill ya!!!


Anonymous said...

nasty rumors!!! don't believe the hype. the kind of love Dexter talks about isn't real love. Real Love happens when you least expect it. It can be messy but true love gets worked out. Patience my brother!!!


You made the list

Eggz said...


Love will find you if you let love in. You are very lovable. Trust me.