Tuesday, March 02, 2010



I wake up early in the morning(on Saturdays)and watch cartoons. I have been doing this since I was about six years old. Back in the days, it was the highlight of the whole week, having a chance to get lost in the fantasy of Looney Tunes and Disney and all the Cartoons that I watched when growing up.

I never changed that routine, so every Saturday morning it's cartoon time!!! I feel bad because kids growing up nowadays have no good cartoons to watch in the morning unless you have Cable(everybody has basic cable nowadays)It was simple pleasures such as this that kept me going.

I'm alot older now, but I still get up at 8am on Saturdays and turn on Cartoon network/Boomerang and watch cartoons. Alot of people, comment and say I look young for my age. Now you know what keeps me young(besides working out, eating right)I keep my childlike spirit going and going and cartoons is the of the things that bring Me back to that feeling of being six years old and I find comfort in that.

No bills, problems, and the stress of living, for a few hours on Saturday I let myself be the kid I have inside myself. No harm no foul no Diesel Washington just Me being a little kid and relive the times when Life was simple.

Jeremy likes that I can be Geeky and Watch cartoons, in fact We watch them together. Sappy and corny but yet truthful.

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