Monday, March 22, 2010



I think I'm almost fully recovered from The Black Party!!!

After the Expo, I had some downtime with Ricky Sinz. I really like Ricky and as I said before, Ricky has this calming effect on Me. He has good energy and a good heart. No beating around the bush, just straight talk. I like to compare notes with Vets and have a "Power Talk".

After hanging out with Ricky, I got dazed and confused, had one client. Then I had "Recreational" sex(for edging)and headed to Black Party!!

The line to get in was huge!!I feel like a Rock star when I walk right inside and escorted in. I have been doing The Black Party for five years, and I'm probably Jaded with the whole Sex, Drugs, Fuck/Suck Session type thing.

I was a Performer/Porn Star and I was "ON" that night, if you never been to The Black Party. You will probably be shocked at some of the things that occurred.

By Far This was the Sickest and Down right Filthy of all shows that I have performed in.

This is going to be VERY VERY HARD to understand but here goes:

I walked down to the Performers area and I had to get dressed. This is the only footage I have from the Black Party.

I know Fans probably wanted the whole experience(Vids and pics)sometimes I just want to be a Performer and "Let it Out" When you see the footage you will understand that I went into total "Sex God" Mode:

So then it was time to get it started!!!

Sex was in the air, and I was ready to stomp through the Filth and Damaged Zombies!! SEX SEX SEX AND MORE SEX!!

Feel the Energy!!:

Train Wrecks!! Nightmares!!! Horror Shows!!

In the Den of Sex!! I make no judgements, I just share MY experience through my eyes. Seas of hot guys in dark corners(too dense to see through the crowd)I watched many many many many scenes.

Hot Blonde Boy(early twenties)got fucked about 13 times or lets say by whom ever was the closest dick!!!I just watched guy after guy just fuck that Boy!!I think more than 13 guys fucked him, but I got bored by number 10.

Black Muscle Daddy(Older Hot bodied Brother)fucked two guys and had them worship his body. Then proceeded to get into Sling, and get fisted by Two Hairy Muscle Bears!! WTF??

Tranny after Tranny after Tranny, tits out(Huge Rack), dick out and rock hard!! Not only fucking the muscle boys, but filling their holes!!! Sorry but I was very curious to see the Scene play out. The muscle boy begged for the Trannys load and she gave it to him. Fingered some cum out of his hole and fed it to him!! WTF??

Fletching, Cum Swapping, Cum swallowing, bah bah bah bah...

I saw it all....


I get on stage, stand perfectly still and the crowd gathers. I pull out my cock and stroke it drawing the crowd closer. I show off the cock, trying to draw the crowds attention on Me. I stand at the tip of stage, I want that crowd to get the impression that I want them to touch my dick. I close my eyes and stroke my cock.

Then the Show starts!!

It was all a ploy, I wanted the crowd close to the stage because......


I let out a heavy stream of Piss right into the crowd!!!

I had like 8 bottles(big ones) of water about an hour before the show. I was loaded up and I pissed for about a good 3mins on stage. When I let out the first stream, the reaction(looking in the faces of the crowd)was priceless. I then started to piss into my mouth, sucking it up and spitting it at the crowd!! I let out 5 good streams that had to catch about 15 guys. I loved it!!!

Now that might sound wrong....

I have performed at some of the Biggest events, and if you don't know by now!! Now you know!!! I love WaterSports!!! Sure you can sit on stage and have sex(or simulate it)and it's WoW!! Look at that!! Two hot guys playing with each other(Yawn). Or you can go big, pull out all the stops and just get freaky and nasty. I watched some of the previous shows(Bondage, Impact, Fisting, Wrestling, bah bah)not one Water Sport show!! So the crowd was due.

After the my performance, I went to relax a bit and then headed back into the crowd. More Sex, More Sex!!

More Scenes to watch.

Hot Couple(I guess)they start flip flopping(sounds tame)and then it gets nasty!! Tall muscle guy is fucking this shorter compact muscle guy, fucks him and loads his hole. He then gets on his knees, sucks his load out of short guy Ass, spits it into his mouth, turns around and bends over and the short muscle guy spits the load into the Tall muscle guy Ass, and then the short muscle guy starts fucking the Tall muscle guy. The short muscle guy loads the tall muscle ass, gets on knees and starts sucking the load out of Tall muscle Ass, stands up and spits it into Tall muscles mouth, bends over and the tall muscle spits into short ass muscle. WoW!!

I know this doesn't sound P.C. at all but I'm telling you what I see. I'm not trying to "Turn On" the readers or any of that. I'm sharing the experience of what I saw at Black Party. Why is this important?????

I'm there as the Performer/Porn Star I'm there to put on shows and get the crowd hype. In doing so, the area around the stage is packed with people, fucking and sucking and carrying on. I see all the Risky behavior happening around the stage, it's like watching a Train Wreck about to happen. I feel guilty because I can't do anything about the unsafe play. Do I want to grab all the naive people just taking loads from strangers in the crowd, and say "What are you thinking???"

I can't.....

I feel somewhat sorry, because I am "The Porn Star" getting the crowd hype during the performances. Maybe I'm over thinking the situation, these are grown men responsible for their own lives!! But its still a strange feeling....

Moving on....

I got head a few times(nothing to write about)and had to get ready for the Big Show!!!

I really have no clue what was the theme of Black Party maybe you can understand it?
Here goes:

It was time for the Stage Show, I always get nervous before a show(no matter the size)but I was ready for anything.

Now this part of the post is Disturbing

In a nutshell, I was to drag a tranny on stage hold her down while another model stuck a Toilet plunger up her ass!!!


I don't know the performers name(Big Tranny, with Big Tits and Cock)but I was truly left speechless at her show!!!

I noticed the performer down stairs in the dressing room, getting ready for performance. It was the typical, get dressed and put on the wig and stuff. The Tranny then starts to insert a large female condom(that is full of something)inside of her ass(its not uncommon to see that)and it was time for the Show!!

Diesel Washington and Ricky Sinz had to go out on dance floor and grab the Tranny, drag her with force to the stage. Ricky held her arms and another model shoved a Toilet Plunger up her Ass!!

Yes that is Correct, At Black Party A Tranny had a Toilet Plunger shoved up her ass!!

Now what makes this performance over the top, you remember the Female condom(Read Above)????

It seems the Female condom that was up the Trannys Ass, was fulled with actual Shit!! Each time the plunger came out of the Trannys Ass it was covered in Shit!!! After the plunger was shoved up her ass, the plunger was then shoved into the Trannys mouth. And this was happening over and over until the Trannys face was covered in Shit!! The model (shoving the Plunger) then pulled out the plunger and start wiping the shit all over the Trannys face and back!!

I was stuck for words, Scat play live on stage!! Since the female condom was packed with actual Shit. To be graphic, the Trannys face was covered in Shit(from force feeding)Back covered and after her performance she was then dragged by force again off stage. It was one of the Dirtiest Performances I have ever done!!!

I can't make this shit up!!!

I was in shock afterwards, I never seen something so graphic!! So Dirty!!

I still think about that performance, Scat play on stage at Black Party!!

I cruised around for the rest of the duration of Black Party. Then in the Rentboy Motel I meet this boy:

He was very familiar with my work(Porn), and I loved his Vibe and upon hearing his English accent, it was a Wrap!!! This boy was getting fucked!!!

Now I know what your going to say "Oh Diesel Stop kissing and telling" First off, he wanted to be on my blog!! Secondly I told him "If I fuck you, I will put it on blog" His response "To get fucked by you AND have you put me on your blog. Is what I wanted for a long time" So whatever.....

Hot Hot Ass and Huge Dick!!! He is an Escort as well. So I Def have to plug him, here goes his link

He was nominated for Mr International Escort representing London. one hot hot fucker!!! He came to town, because he was nominated for an award and wanted to come for Black Party. Now I had the chance to talk to Mr London in the Rentboy Motel(Private area, far away from crowds)and We had a long chat. I found him interesting, and he seemed to know alot about Me(in a sexy way not creepy)and I wanted to fuck him right there and then.

Guess what???

I did!!!

I still have more footage related to Black Party coming up!!


Anonymous said...

this is exactly why gays get a bad rap...this black party sounds should be outlawed!!

gavin said...

"I can't make this shit up!!!"

So to speak.

Anonymous said...

Yo its Kel here aka GeordieBoy. What happened to breakfast eh?!? ;-) ill be coming back to NYC very soon, fucking loved it! You OK diesel?

Anonymous said...

I heard the condom was filled with chocolate....

other than that nice wrap up.

Diesel Washington said...

Hey Kelvin,

I came back upstairs by that time you were already gone. You know how to get in contact with Me. See you as soon as you back to NYC.

Yummy boy

W.W. Wylie said...

Nice to see some of the old school traditions still alive today..The Saints black party always was a hot mess-as you would call it-but in a avant garde sorta in your face way...yeah it isn't P.C.-in any way shape or form-It was never meant to be...It was always an in your face to all those that declared us sexual outlaws in the first place...Our way of showing just how far we could take their stereotypes if they really wanted them...In days when we are denied wedding rights, used to gain the republican party votes during elections and publicly called faggot like Con. Franks was Sat. while going past the Tea Partyers
we need a lil "in your face"...

Anonymous said...

This about the only thing Diesel Washington would support that's black.