Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Don't worry I still like writing my posts......

I thought I would have another go at the Blogging/Vlogging thing. So here comes the drama!!!

I like to start off with the Intro:

That Vid post is for the Dip Shit performers who walk around thinking they are Hot shit because they think they are more popular than they really are. When you have more experience under your belt, then you can be alitte cocky, until then zip it!!! We all want the Spotlight!!! We all want the attention!!! We all have alittle Tude when we are on!!! But come on!!! I see these performers running around like "Hey Look at Me!!! I'm a Star!!"

Listen little boys!!! the golden age of the Porn Star is gone!!!! All I see is models running around claiming to be the next big thing. If your in the business longer than one year, congrats you made it to a point that alot of models don't make. If your around two years, I give you Props because you worked hard to build your name. If your around three years, Shit I give you respect!!! No hate in my blood at all!!! Maybe this is Ego talking, but unless you have been in the business for a year or better!!! You guys are not on my level!!! I paid way too many dues to be in this business at this level. You think because I'm older or been in the business longer that I had my time to shine and its time for me to move over??? I'm suppose to give you love because you shot some Web scenes???? Doesn't work like that!! I show love to those that had an impact on the porn industry, Hot scene after hot scene, Longevity and branding themselves. That is being blunt and honest!!

Now I have a real problem with the term "Porn Star" being thrown around lately. I thought that term was reserved??? More here:

This Vid post wasn't directed at anybody in particular, but if it applies to certain Performers so be it!!! Other Porn Stars wouldn't touch the subject(except for a selected few)but I will touch it. After all I'm a BadAss!!!!LOL

I have talked about the whole Gay4Pay(Play4Pay)thing and here I express my feelings about the subject again:

Again this post was not directed at anybody, but I'm sure I pissed someone off anyway. Oh Well!!

More to post Later

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