Monday, March 15, 2010



The Grabbys nominations are out, and I'm happy!!

It looks like Diesel Washington was nominated again in some Big categories:


Awesome Fuckers/Red Eagle Films, Dick Flix Party/D/G Mutual Media, Blackballed 7/Channel 1 Releasing, Gridiron Gang Bang/Channel 1 Releasing, Hard Friction/Raging Stallion Studios, Inside Israel/Lucas Entertainment, Masterpiece/Hot House Entertainment, Men of Israel/Lucas Entertainment, Nailed&Screwed/Raging Stallion Studios, Skuff 4/Hot House Entertainment, Reckless/Hot House Entertainment
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing,

of course they talk about my scene, duh!!Asylum/Falcon
Bad Conduct/Titan Men
Big Dick Society 2 Dicktimized/Jet Set Men
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Men Of Israel/Lucas Entertainment
Skuff 4/Hot House Entertainment
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing

The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios
Whorrey Potter/Dominic Ford Features
I was glad that I was apart of these two Huge movies, and also glad that Channel 1releasing and Falcon Studios gave me the opportunity to be apart of these huge projects


Folsom Flesh/Titan Men, Limits/Mustang, Man Hole 2/Mustang, Menace/ Raging Stallion Studios, Reckless/Hot House Entertainment, Skuff 4/Hot House Entertainment
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing, Tread Heavy/Channel 1 Releasing


Adam Killian,Leo Giamani and Ty Colt
The Trainer/Falcon
Benjamin Bradley&Jeremy Bilding
Tread Heavy/Channel 1 Releasing
Colton Steele&Trystian Sweet
Boy Country/BUCKSHOT
Diesel Washington,Phillip Aubury,Zack Jamison&Lucas Knowles
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing
Ethan Wolfe&Ty LeBeouf
Masterpiece/Hot House Entertainment
Erik Rhodes&Leo Giamani
Jesse Santana&Wolf Hudson
First Time Fucked/Cocky Boys
Matan Shalev&Rafael Alencar
Revenge/Lucas Entertainment
Tony Buff&Adam Knox
Folsom Manuvers/Titan Men
Trevor Knight,Cort Donovan&Jude Colton
Big Dick Society 2 Dicktimized/Jet Set Men
RJ Danvers&David Taylor
Nailed&Screwed/Raging Stallion Studios



Aden&Jordan Jaric
The Trainer/Falcon
Benjamin Bradley&Lucky Daniels
Seize Your Bottom/Channel 1 Releasing
Benjamin Bradley&Nelson Troy
Tread Heavy/Channel 1 Releasing
Blake Riley&David Taylor
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing
Bobby Clark&David West
Boy Country/BUCKSHOT
Diesel Washington & Kamron Scott
Playbook/Titan Men
Jonathan Agassi&Matan Shalev
Men of Israel /Lucas Entertainment
Kyle King&Tony Mecelli
Reckless/Hot House Entertainment
Marcus Steele&Josh Griffin
Car Jackers/Jet Set Men
Matthew Rush&Francois Saget
Full Access/Titan Men
Nash Lawler&Ty Colt
Roughin It/Falcon
Rafael Alencar&Matan Shalev
Revenge/Lucas Entertainment
Tony Buff&Will Parker
Folsum Filth/Titan Men

My acting at 48sec markBruno Bond
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Cameron Adams
Whorrey Potter/Dominic Ford Features
David Taylor
Focus /Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Diesel Washington

Johnny Hazzard
Playing with Fire 4 Alarn/Channel 1 Releasing
Matthew Rush
Whorrey Potter/Dominic Ford Features
Rafael Alencar
Revenge/Lucas Entertainment
Ryan Raz
Entrapment/Lucas Entertainment
Steve Cruz
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Tony Buff
Battle Creek Breakdown/Titan Men
Trevor Knight
Big Dick Society 2:Dicktimized/Jet Set Men
Vince Ferelli
Head Hunters Two/Hot House Entertainment


Adam Killian, Benjamin Bradley, Diesel Washington, Erik Rhodes, Kyle King,Jeremy Bilding, Johnny Hazzard, Logan McCree, Matan Shalev, Matthew Rush, Rafael Alencar, Steve Cruz, Tony Buff

I won Performer of Year for 2009, I'm not expecting anything I'm happy to be nominated with other great superstars in this field. Now I wonder....Will I get more work???? Maybe I will????? Maybe I will get props for constantly putting out good work time after time.

For 2009 I put out five movies, Rear Deliveries by Raging Stallions Studios(I won a HardChoice Award for my Cum scene in that one,) Redlight by Mustang Studios(I won HardChoice award for Savage Humor, cum used as wallpaper paste) Playbook by TitanMedia(Grabby nomination for Best Duo)Asylum by Falcon Studios(Grabby nominated for Best Supporting Actor) Taken to the Lowest Level by Channel 1releasing(Grabby nomination for Best Rim Scene)

I know I know it sounds cocky, but I wanted People to know that I'm committed to this business. Sure the Blog is wild, and it always seems like I'm going through Drama. But......

I'm a decent performer, I know my share of the Industry, and I make sure every role that I'm in I work hard!! At this point of my Career, I'm happy with what I contributed(hopefully I can add more)Sure I don't get as much work as other performers. But the work I do get, I make sure I put everything in that role.

I shouldn't base everything on nominations and awards, but at the same time I like the fact that my work is being recognized by my peers. I went from a Titan exclusive to a Free agent, and that was the scariest period for Me. I kept questioning "Would other Studios hire Me?? And some of the Studios actually gave Me a chance to add that Diesel touch to roles.

Sure there was that whole "Mess" with Diesel Washington and Eric Rhodes on the "Asylum" set, thinking back......
The Movie got huge Press, Great reviews, Great coverage!!! I took the Neg energy I had and translated that into my scene with Ryan Raz(Love him now!!)and pulled out a Hot scene!!! Since the movie, that Beef was squashed during the filming I apologized to Eric(I even wrote a blog about it)and it went on to great success!! Hopefully I didn't give Falcon a headache, and maybe I can work with them again(Wink). I still want that scene with Ty Colt!!!(I can dream, Can't I??LOL)

Taken to the Lowest Level, I loved working on this scene. Truth be told, I wasn't "properly prepared" for my scene. I was alittle nervous working on that set, and Esp working with Chi Chi. It took some time for Me to get ready, but I do Owe a Huge Favor to Adam Killian. Adam helped Me out big time!! And for that I owe him Big!! I ate alot of ass in that scene, and I went down the line and right back up the line cleaning out each ass as I went by LOL. BTW Big Shout to Adam Killian, one the hardest working Men in the business On/Off the camera. His deserves to Win Huge!!!! There is no hate in my blood for Adam, I'm jealous jealous jealous of him. His work is being recognized in front of camera and behind it!! He's a fucking Rock Star!!!

Playbook by TitanMedia, I'm fucking proud of myself!!! I hand picked Kameron Scott for the role, wrote the script, came up with Ideas(The Motorcycle)got a chance to direct(Alittle)and even show off my Basketball skills on the court. All I can say is "Your Welcome Kameron Scott" You know I worked my Ass off on that scene, from Top to Bottom. Maybe one of these days, you will give Me Props for that scene. Yes you worked hard on that scene as well, at the time you hated that I pushed you hard. But look, all that hard work paid off!!! Congrats on your nomination

Do I want to win a Grabby(Hell Yeah)but at the same time. I won Performer of Year last year, I won Best Porn Star blogger, Hottest Cock(Cut)for 2008, and I'm hosting this year. Hosting is my reward for busting my Ass all these years, and that is an Honor all itself. I do want to win either Best Supporting Actor or Best Rimming scene. Hell I would love to win Best Rimming, everybody else in the running had to eat one or two asses in their scenes, I had to Rim and Suck three guys lined up in a line(Well I wasn't complaining at all, Yummy!!)and I serviced each hole, making sure that tongue went in deep and cleaned out each poop chute.

Odd that I wasn't nominated for Best Porn Star blogger, but yet again I won last year!!LOL so I would love to see who wins this year. Def need to get an interview with the winner!!!

Best Porn Star Website, I have no chance in Hell!!! But I'm glad that I was nominated.

Well take a look at pics from Asylum and Taken to the Lowest Level, I even threw in Playbook for you.

Asylum is available at
Taken to the Lowest Level is available at
Playbook is available at

Falcon's Asylum

Falcon's Asylum


Playbook by TitanMedia

Taken to the Lowest Level by Channel 1releasing

Taken to the Lowest Level by Channel 1releasing

I'm really excited this year for the Awards, since I'm hosting this year I will make sure this year's award show will be insane!!!


Anonymous said...

Kick-ass, man. Keep up the hot shit.


Dirk said...

A big fat CONGRATULATIONS on the Grabby nominations!

You are a hell of a performer and seems like you work harder than anyone else in the biz. Keep it up Diesel.

I really enjoy your blog!