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Alot of people are not liking Me right, Alot of high drama on my blog. There is nothing I can do about it, I write my thoughts out. To Me I think its nothing but a blog page full of Rants and Raves about my experiences. If I'm pissed in the middle of writing a post its going to show(And you guys have read them).

In the end, the Press train keeps rolling and rolling. Twinkscape got major plugs, and Krist Cummings got his plugs(wheter good or bad)the added attention got his scenes more views, his blog got more views and in the end everybody moves on!!!

I will take the Neg energy, and channel it into something else.

I will start calling out these boring performers, and lets get it started with Sexy Talk!!


There is no more sexy talk in today's porn, it's a bunch of groans and moans and some heavy breathing. Or worse, its old recycled dialogue I have heard from 80/90's porn. Its "Yeah suck my cock!!" "You like sucking my big fat cock" "Suck my Dick" bah bah bah

I guess you have to hear it to understand, here you go:

What's sexy talk have to do with porn??? Well I will tell you this much, it has alot to do with it. The basic tools, great face, hot body, big dick, and a fuckable ass. These are the "Very" basic tools, and every porn star should have this. To add to this equation is Star quality, personality, body language. Having these "Added" qualities bring more fuel to your performance. We have all seen the Hot bodied guy, with great face and big dick, stunning to look at. But when it comes to the sex scenes, they are a complete bore. A scene with stiff fucking with no facial expressions and no energy. Star quality is something you have or you don't, it's something you can't teach. Personality, again that is something you can't teach. Body language is something you can teach, knowing your body and how to move it in front of camera is something totally learnable. It just takes alot of practice in front of the mirror and knowing your angles. But this is about Sexy talk!!!

Sexy talk, the lost art of using your Voice to be sensual. A sexy voice can make or break a scene, it can convey confidence and aggressiveness. In the past, Tops had to talk to their bottoms to get them hot or prepared, it was a form of foreplay. You would turn on your bottom, by stating the things you would do to them while slowly undressing them. It was communication between sexual partners, stating their preferences on what felt good or bad. It's the verbal feedback between partners before, during and after sex. Here is Jeff Stryker one of the best in the business when it came to sexy talk. Here he is selling his penis pump:

Another Vid of Jeff Stryker advertising a phone chat line:

There are only a few models in present day porn that still use this type of Sexy Talk. Most of the models, are grunting, groaning and moaning with a mix of verbal outbursts. Such as "Yeah Fuck yeah" "Fuck Me!!!" (some moaning and grunting) "Fuck Me harder" type of acting. There are variations of sounds, whimpering, heavy breathing, gasps for air, humming bah bah.

Sexy talk is not for everybody, some people just want to see two hots guys fucking. When I watch porn I like to see the connection between the models. If the top is leading the bottom in the scene, I like to see how the Dom Top verbally controls his bottom. If there is an aggressive bottom in the scene, I like to hear how the bottom leads the top in the scene. Maybe this is just me???? If I'm paying for porn I want the complete picture. I will get bored very quickly if I see two models going at it, and there is no noise or moaning.

Examples of good noise making, when Mason Wyler gets fucked he makes alot of noise verbally. Kurt Wild whimpers when he gets fucked hard!! Trevor Knight talks to his bottoms during scenes, showing that connection. I talk during my scenes, usually shouting orders and commands so the models in the scene that I'm working with know exactly what feels good or bad when servicing Me.

But sexy talk is hit or miss sometimes, there is a time and place for everything. Some people just want to fuck quietly, some want the Verbal intercourse back and forth! In porn, I think there needs to be a healthy balance. If there is too much talking it can come off Cheesy and unrealistic. If there is no talk at all, the scene can come off boring with no energy.

This is my opinion, here is an example of my sexy talk in action:

Well another post later......


Adam said...

Not sure about the food sex-talk... but hearing your voice makes me wet already!

Anonymous said...

Have you figured out why people aren't liking you at the moment? You are adopting the philosophy that "there is no such thing as bad publicity." Maybe in some circles that's true. But there is a another phrase that you might want to think about the saying "consider the source." More often than not, "consider the source" applies to Diesel Washington. Just because you believe that negative publicity is good publicity does not make it true. It also does not give you the right invade the lives of others and then say they somehow benefited from you putting your foot in your mouth--again. And just because a models film gets clicked on after you dragged their name through the mud does not benefit them. As you well know, porn stars do get residuals. So how does a model benefit from another one of your "bull in a chian shop" moments? When you disclose the names of your private tricks, or the private medical conditions of an aquaintance, that's not good publity; it's you not minding your own business.

When you try to tell your readers that you are "human" that you have "feelings" and that you are hurting emotionally, are readers symathizing with you or are they scratching their heads at the apparent bad decisions that you make? When you blind side someone in public just because you have an opinion, that's not good news. You believe that writing a blog or that being in the unhibited world of porn gives you the right to not be discrete or to not to practice any social etiquette.

If you step back a moment, maybe you will be able to answer why you don't have any lasting friendships/relationships. Having an over-the-top personality and socially aggressive peronality comes with consequences. Sure, you get a lot of attention from Unzipped, but is their curiosity more folly for there publication?
Over the last several months, you have done a ton of self-promotion, but has that made you any more successful or financially secure?

Dre said...

You are too funny my dude. What yo said is true as well. However the reason why a lot of kats don't do the talk thing right is because they are not porn stars. They are doing it only for the money. If a pron guy is a true freak, like you then the words will come naturally.

Anonymous said...

loool you are hilarious man . but what u say is true the sexy talk in today's porn is beyond lame.

Diesel Washington said...

To Anonymous

Your question has it made you more successful??


BJ said...

Completely agree with you on the sexy talk in todays porn. There just is no connection or feeling between the guys. Its obvious they're just there to earn a paycheck.

Watching your movies, I feel like I'm right there with you. Love how you verbalize and tell the bottom what you like and what he needs to do. Not only does it make the scene hotter, but it also connects the viewer to the models. I'd love to be with a guy like you that knows what he's doing.