Monday, August 12, 2013


I never like writing these posts...

RIP to "Junior"

Junior was the PA that worked on the Dawgpoundusa/PapiThugz set.  Sometimes the biggest stars BIGGER then the porn stars are some of the guys that help put it together:

The guy that picks up the used condoms from the set

Carries the lights and adjusts them

Gets the lube and paper towels

Hands out the paperwork that needs to be signed

Steams the outfits that some of models wear

Wipes down the equipment/furniture, before/during/after the scene.

We all LOVE our porn stars, We even love our directors, We even make comments over the editing(Look for your Editors *wink) but the Grips and Pa's need love to.

Besides the History lesson "Junior" was my friend...

We worked many nights shooting and filming ..

FUCK!! I miss him..

RIP "Junior"


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your coworker and friend. I know at this point it doesn't matter what anyone says with comforting words cuz the pain is still raw. I recently lost a friend and just felt compelled to say something. It will get better with time... Much love

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to JR?! =/. Thats fucked up. RIP JR. Used to make me laugh everytime I was on or off set. He worked hard and he played even harder.
<3 D