Wednesday, May 29, 2013


This was my first time meeting Tommy Defendi, new on the scene and working hard! We have kept in touch through the years and I have to say Congrats to Tommy for winning Hottest Cock at Grabbys 2013.  This is an old Vid of Tommy attending his first Hustlaball NYC..

A younger Tommy tearing up the stage!!

Tommy growing out the hair..FabScout Family! At the Hookies, I can't remember what year...Yeah at the Hookies

This was from a Raging Stallion Party in San Fran...

Anyway I don't give props(Much)but I thought I would write something nice for a FRIEND. I have known Tommy for a number of years and I'm really really proud that FINALLY he got his shine on..

Congrats on your Grabby!!

Hmm...Welcome to the club of the Hottest Cocks Mister!!


Anonymous said...

Diesel - you are a smart gentleman, giving recognition to colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Tommy does have a real nice cock..but yours still takes the best cock award!!!

Nick said...

He's such a nice guy, and so much more handsome in person with a big smile :)