Saturday, August 09, 2008


Well I just came back from San Fran finishing my Last Scene(On contract!!)for Titan!!! I have so many mixed emotions about it...... The Shoot itself was written by me..Down the the Tee. Mr Mills once again gave me alot of control and People.. I wrote the Script...Did Voice Over for the Role. Had Custom Made Jerseys for the Part. It was filmed on a Local Park playing Basketball. I worked my ass off in this Movie!!! I really had something to prove to myself with this role. I showed off my Basketball skills, Fuck skills and yet again Introduced Another Sexual Position for the Fans!!! SO TAKE NOTE A NEW SEX POSITION CALLED "THE MOTORCYCLE"

So If people forgot already I started the "Bully"(I sound kinda of conceited now I know!!) Now I will introduce The Motorcycle!!.

So its basically the Usual.... The Scene was Amazing.. The Sex was amazing. It was Shot to Perfection!!! Storyline is like a Mini Movie for u guys/girls.

Now On to my Ranting about other things.... My Scene Partner was Kameron Scott and there is a funny story about this Kid!!

I was really hyped to work with this Kid cause He was the Kid to play the Part. I didn't want to do a Classic take on the the Basketball story with Just a Locker Room Scene(that is boring and overdone). Its suppose to be a Basketball Story and the Models either Cant play well.. most cases dont even play ball in the scene. I can play Basketball and Dunk and I needed a Partner who could also play and had some Moves on the Court. This was Kameron Scott!!

I needed a Rookie Type(In more ways than One!!LOL)My partner needed to be someone in the Industry who is New!! and give them that Break Out Role Opportunity!!! I picked Kameron Scott, I had the chance to get to know this Model and See where his head was at!!! Hes a smart Kid and has things to Prove!!!! I mean I have been reading his Blog and found that we have alot in common both Strong Headed and want to make a Splash in this Business!!! What more is funny reading his blog is like reading my own. His Grandfather passed recently(as did my Grandmother) and yet he still pushed on in this business. I dont have that "Relationship" with my father, and in reading his blog he faced many of the same problems that I faced.

I have to be honest about this, I gave Kameron Scott A Hard Time!! Meaning there was alot of pressure to do a good job on this. Sometimes I come off a bit Edgy and Shit. There is the Constant Pressure on Myself to Keep Outdoing Myself time after time(which isn't easy) and some of that pressure makes me Intense!!!

Kameron Scott took it on his shoulder..Not only to perform to the best of his abilities, but to my standards as well. And I tend to Set the Bar kinda of High.

Kameron U fucking Rocked!!! U came prepared in every Aspect. I'm not easy to Deal with On and Off Set and U put up with everything.

There were times U wanted to Quit and Give UP but u came back and pushed on further. U are a true professional and U will do great in this business.

I learned alot from Kameron, and sometimes I forget that I have this Image and Rep for being Hard to work with.....I had a long Sit down talk with Kameron about things in the Industry.... And I found out some Scary Stuff!!!

I have an Ego and some may say I'm an Attention Whore(Sometimes LOL) But what most shocked me was that there are models who are Intimidated by Me and I cant understand Why???

Sure I throw a good fuck and my scenes tend to be very Intense and Aggressive, but yet again I will remind People that Its just a Character I play on film.. I know I have said it before, my image needs softening. I know know. I established the Hardcore side and Now I need to move to Sexy and Sweet side. I'm trying I'm trying!!! Speaking of which.... My romantic scene is almost done and ready to be released and I cant wait....Hearing from Mr Mills the word is that the movie shows a much different side to the Diesel Character and its just fucking hot!!!

More News I might attend the L.A. Party pool being held on the Aug 23 I'm still working out the details for everything so keep Ur fingers crossed!!! I need alittle getaway time soon. I have been on tour and filming and hitting the gym and Basketball court so my body is dieing for some Rest. I have planned a Trip to MIA so expect some Pics from that Trip Next week.

What else is New?? Alot of guys are asking what are the Next projects??? Well I have been talking to CHI CHI, so I'm holding out from doing any movies as of yet, for anybody!!! Chi Chi has been very interested in me, so I'm holding out cause I know the Movie will be big and I made a promise to Work with Her First!!!!

At this point of my journey, I'm only picking certain Roles that are A list or Big Budget movies. I like the smaller movies but I'm focused on hitting the Industry Hard and Working with Everybody!!! So lets see what the Future holds. It will be back to touring Next week so I will Keep u guys posted on my movements I may come to a Town near U!!!


filmfanatikk said...

Here's hoping you make it to LA. And yes, please work with ChiChi! You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Diesel, Diesel, we have to start letting the word out that you are one the sweetest people around? Those of us lucky enough to spend time with you know what a big, soft-hearted, sincere teddy bear you really are.

You are ALWAYS a blast to be around and you constantly make people laugh and make sure everyone is having a great time.

I hope you can make it to the LA Pool Party. It won't be the same without you!

Cool Tom