Friday, August 22, 2008


So People know I'm giving ya a heads up notice, I will not be at the LA Rentboy Pool Party tomorrow. There were some complications at the last min that will prevent me from going.... Shame I have been at all the Rentboy Pool Parties this year....and sad that I will be missing this one DAMN!!!

In any case there are some happenings going on Next month that I can announce today. I will continue My promoting of Titan at this years Folsom Fair..... that's right still promoting Titan.... I have a strong relationship with Titan even though I'm Free agent....

People the Decision to go Free Agent was to work with everybody and continue on with good work!!!! Just because I promote Titan doesn't mean that I cant work with anybody else!!! I have to put that out there.... Titan is a Beast yes!!!! I get the sense that some Studios are scared to work with me because of Titan's Blood hounds(Lawyers)and that truly is not the case. Titan respects my decisions and even gave me better insight into continuing to do good work and helpful advice. I don't know the workings of the Business Side of things.......but I HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT TO WORK FOR OTHER PEOPLE!!!.

Readers of my blog, know that I speak my mind and not controlled by anybody!!! I know how to market myself and other people. What I don't know is how the Power Brokers move....... that's the next stop for me(in the future) I like this business and its cut throat, yes but oh brother the money is good and so is the Sex!!!

I'm a Veteran already, I see new faces and even more people who think they are Porn Stars, from doing a website here and there. Its not the same anymore...... This New breed is alot different from previous years, it doesn't seem like People want to earn their pay check anymore!!! They don't want to bust their ass on shoots anymore.... Expect the highest returns from self limited work, whats alittle more funny is that most of these people don't even watch Porn, or even know alittle history behind it. I rant and rant about this all the time, It just pisses me off sometimes. TO THE MODELS OUT THERE!!!! Ur work will be around forever!!! over and over it will be viewed by the next generation of gays etc etc. So make it the best thing u have ever done....

What more to write? I still have no assistant as of now....But I am getting help from an Unnamed source(I might reveal them soon)so expect the unexpected!!! Peace Bitches!!!


ghani3an said...

ur very hot
i dont know why u dont add more naked pictures for you
im tired to look for it in the websites and the blogs!!

filmfanatikk said...

I'm about to cry!!!! I only bought a ticket was to see you. And a VIP ticket at that. UG!!!!!!! So bummed. I myspaced you, but no repsonse. You read my email, but failed to return one. I'm sure youo have your personal reasons, but can't blame me for being so bummed!!!!!! Do i even bother going now?? A bunch of LA twinks running around. Ug. Soooooo bummed, Diesel!!!!!!!!!!!


Tyler said...

I still say you work with the new studio Forbidden Funk.

Anonymous said...

Well just remember the old saying when one door shuts another one does actually happen..Laurie