Thursday, August 28, 2008


Holding Grabby 2008 and Rentboy Award 2008

Put Ur Diamonds UP!!!

Thug Love

Thug Love 2

Leather Killer

Trying to be Sexy

Me being Goofy with One of my Fave Shows Family Guy

Titan Man Jersey I wore for the Basketball themed story I wrote for Titan

Well its seems that Patrick contacted me and told me "Ur Blog looks like Shit!!" I was like Oh really?? I wanted to come up with this Story the Gloom of NYC but I was alittle absent minded and didn't really get the Pics that I wanted....

I have to realize these outdoor Pic taking was just a Goof... I didn't really take the whole post serious. And Patrick let me have it..... All the hard work that He put into the Blog and having me Shit it Away... Okay Fine!!!

I went back to the Basics... Just taking Pics of me and in my Place just trying something New!!! U guys who read my blog has had my Back and been on this Ride for a Long Time!!!

I have Alot Alot Alot in store.....Don't Worry .......... Things take time...And sometimes I can get restless and want to work, want to work.... I'm just highly competitive and I see the Superstars really stepping up their Game. I want to be in the Race myself(At least in My Mind) and I just like doing good work..

So Update on everything that is going on..... I'm stepping In New Ground...... I have alot of surprises in store!!! Don't Worry!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey good to see you are still back in form..good photos..That Phelps guy has HEAPS for breakfast u know.. :-).... You azre living in NYC !!...theres so much stuff going on there..have u been to MOMA?? then theres the other Adult movie crowds plus al the brodway theatres and offbroadway...Youve got heaps of oprtunities there..

RGds..Laurie the two Thugs ones were the best btw...imho..

eggz said...

oh baby, u need someone to take the photos for you. call me if u need me