Monday, August 18, 2008



Back on track let me finish this thing so I can start writing another post for Ya People!!!..

Knowing Ur Niche....... okay this a hard one, porn is ever changing and becoming different. Twinks, Jocks, Muscle Guys, Hairy, Smooth, and all things above. Now I cant change my looks that much(lets be honest here)but to other models this is where u have a Edge that u must use. Whatever look is required day of shooting...Fit Ur Look to the Tee....Now I hear that some models don't want to cut their hair, color it, or whatever the pretty boys do... Its a fucking movie..Get Over Ur hair it will grow back and grow out..

Do some Research..... Most think that u walk on Set and then have sex its crazy.... The way DVDs are today.. I sense that most people want a story to go along with their porn(at least a fucking setup that makes sense). Even Right to Sex I would do some Research....The way I go about it, I refer to alot of movies I have seen and that creates the mood for me... Before I went into filming for my Romantic scene I watch so many movies..9 1/2 Weeks, Body Heat, etc etc just to get the feel of the part. It works, gives ya the mind frame before u even jump on the set.

There are more pointers and shit...... But I'm not giving up all the answers, I'm back to square one myself...Right now I see my Path really changing and picking up pace now! At the drawing board again and trying to see where I'm going from here..

Not to be so deep in thought..But anyway I'm planning on going to L.A this weekend.. There is the Rentboy Pool party in LA. I have never been to LA before and I'm excited to See what it has to offer, I always hear stories so I need to go and see it all first hand.

What else??? Hitting the gym strong not really trying to kill myself and taking it easy.. All the hard work is during the Winter. What else? I will Keep this short then.

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