Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yeah I said it........... I'm tired of hearing about Michael Phelps. Is that Hate coming out of Diesel's mouth????? Sure is!!!!! I am jealous??? Sure!!! Do I envy him??? Fuck Ya!!!

I'm just tired of hearing about him..... Enough Talk..I just want to Fuck him!!!!

Medals Medals bah bah bah bah How about that Ass of His?? The motherfucker is in shape.. and tall Yeah I would blast his hole!!!

American Hero yeah yeah. But can he deep throat a cock??????? Ride a Dick as well as he swims???? That's more Important to me, anybody that can touch the floor, without bending knees, spreading those cheeks....real wide. That's fucking hot to me!!!

To be Real... the Olympics were Great!!!

China showed its Ass, I have to admit the shows, the People, that shit was Amazing!!!
I usually don't write about such things... But it was a crazy two weeks and that shit was Entertaining!!!.


Moving On...... I'm bored and was hanging out with my Russian Friend Vlad(Real Model!!) So there we are walking around and we said "Fuck It!!" He does all this Skinny, starving modeling....where they look like they eat two Twix bars a Day shit. I'm joking.... They Eat three Twix bars LOL!!!

But me being never the shy one.. We did the classic Walking Around the City and taking Pics..I forget sometimes that New York is always interesting to see and travel through(even though I live here I don't go out much)its New York!!! So...

I had the Envision of a Dark NYC, with a splash of Sun shine here and there. I don't know??????... I'm the one coming up with the Ideas now!! So I thought I would get some good shots, So enjoy....Maybe they will make sense to ya... Maybe they wont Hey I gave it a Try!!

Enjoy Bitches!!!!!!!


ghani3an said...

the pictures are not clean
we r looking for more sexy pictures diesel .. im sure u have more

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah high def TV was just brilliant for the Olympics!!!...Laurie