Monday, August 04, 2008


Well as u can see My blog was jacked by Dexter(that fucking Asshole) but anyway I had more pics of my time in Fort Lauderdale. More pics at Boardwalk(thanks Guys for having me) and then It was an Autograph signing at Pride Factory. So there u basically have it! I will still be touring around. But Update I'm leaving tomorrow for San Fran and filming my Final Scene for Titan. I'm kinda of Sad but yet at the same time, I have new stuff to add to that Role. Its a Basketball story and I was born to play the part, I'm excited about this movie. So where is the count now??? I have a Romantic scene still Due out and I think its hot and then the last one is my Basketball story that I wanted to film for years!!!

It may mean nothing to U readers out there but I have Library of Work that I left behind at Titan. I played so many roles out there, I wanted to say thanks to Titan for putting up with me. And all the Fans that stood by my side through all the madness that is Diesel Washington.

So I am Far from finished, I have more projects coming up and think people will be surprised to see Diesel and many different lights. Thanks for All the Support People.!!!

I Fly out to Make the Greatest Scene ever!!!! Cross Ur fingers and Legs(that is for all the bottom boys out there!! LOL)

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