Monday, August 11, 2008


Okay above is a France mag and they have an article about me, it has my baby pic and what I look like nowadays(I did it before in another post but its cool to see it in France)so check that out if Ur overseas.

Now on to other things, before I start the whole business of getting into the porn industry.I need to say this:
I have met more and more Rookies coming into this business and its really making me sick at this point...... These Rookies come into the business expecting handouts and checks for doing nothing at all. What happened to being a professional??? What happened to working out for a Role, or getting into character??? What happened to working hard for the sake of the project?? Grown men and little boys with no concept of working hard for the fantasy.

I came into the industry hardcore, but People don't know I studied the Greats and learned how to be sexy and mean and aggressive from them. I watched all my Idols growing up and wanted to be like them, and have all the Fame and money they had. The Rookies nowadays don't even watch Porn or even have Idols that they look up to, its the business to make money and walk on anybody that stands in their Way. Fucking assholes!!!! They walk around like their shit don't stink, and expect everybody to recognize them and treat them like royalty. Get the Fuck outta here!!!

Now to be fair, I too walk around like my shit don't stink.............but I busted my ass to get here, and did the best work that I could possibly do. I won the awards, my movies grossed thousands and thousands of dollars, I worked my way from the bottom to get here nothing was handed to me, NOTHING!!

I did the websites..... Showguys and Smokinghunks so I too started small and worked my way up the ladder. What ever they needed me to do I did and did it well..... Today everybody thinks they can do Porn, which they can, but will it be good porn or just something they did for a couple of bucks!!

Its funny to me cause I always get these emails from people asking me how To get into the business. And they are either out of shape, small dicked, no ass and no face. Or emails from guys already in the business asking for leads into the company I used to work for or for other work thinking I have Juice or Pull. Sorry to say fellas Im in the same boat u are Now that I'm Free agent!!!. I have things to prove to myself and to other people that I'm as good as I say I am. I had a great company behind me, great Directors, The Best Editing team, and Crew so my job was easy. Now that I don't have that anymore it will be a great test for me to show my skills outside of Titan, and once again show that Its Diesel that can shine on his own rather then have the Best team in Porn surround him.

Wow that was a mouth full!!! Here is How to Become a Star in Porn:

Learn the Business...... there are all of these blogs and information about the Industry, I would stay up to date with all the happenings in the business its good to know what people are talking about.

Work Out...Its easy enough, make Ur body the best it can be because u are Ur own business, the body can take ya far so u always need to maintain it. Get rid of the bellies, love handles, and guts nobody wants to see that unless Ur a BEAR or BEAR CUB

Keep Ur Look natural....I don't know about some of these kids new to the business.. they come in with eyebrows plucked and shaved, shaved pubes, shaved pits, and groin its too much geez. All the highlights in the hair, the fake tans, hair gel, all the face products and makeup its way way too much natural good looks goes a long way.

Know Ur Sexuality........If Ur not into certain things don't do it, just cause the camera is around doesn't mean u have to do it. If u are a better top than bottom stick to what makes ya happy it will show on screen how comfortable u are.

Network........All the studios have a website and on it there is a section on becoming a model, Use it, to upload pics of yourself(current ones) and describe yourself and what Ur into....Most hate going through the process but everybody goes through it unless U go there personally and to talk the casting director

BE Patient.....most studios have a look they are going for(sometimes good and sometimes bad) it all depends on the look u have so its always a good idea to be able to change Ur look when needed, it will land ya more jobs.

God given are the Ass and Cock if u don't have an Ass read above and go to the gym and make yourself have one. The Cock not much I can tell ya either u have a big or don't...If u don't have one that is fine too even some of the big names don't have the biggest dicks out there they just know how to work the camera..

Pay Attention to Director....they are there to help ya out and give direction, I hate when someone is on set and think they know the job better than the director. All these newbies swear they know everything, and it gets me sick. These Directors have been in the business for years and some 19yr or 21r walks on set and think they can sit in the director table come on already

Keep Ur Phone Off the Set....that shit is so annoying that models bring their phone on set. I swear if I'm fucking ya and get my cum shot and then Ur phone starts ringing I will kick Ur ass on camera....its annoying and phones should never be on set...

Dirty Bottoms.......Geez this is one thing that seems to happen every time on set...If u know Ur bottom and Ur getting fucked by a huge dick... Shouldn't ya Clean out Well before hand, there is nothing worse then slam fucking an Ass that is full of shit, it wastes time on set and then the crew has to wait until the bottom comes out of the bathroom to start filming again..

Having no Chemistry......Now this is hard for people to understand, u will be paired with someone in the industry who is not Ur type...GET OVER IT!!! We are paided to be models and to have sex, most times the guy wont be Ur type.. This is where being a Professional comes into play..I hangout with partners before hand to build that chemistry up. In my case even though someone is not my type I tend to have mini romances on set. Its better to explain it this way, with my partners on screen I go through the whole courting and hanging out, getting to know them like I'm dating them, so when it comes to the sex part its like meeting for the first but still knowing that person cause u were able to talk to them. They may not be Ur type physically they may have the personality that u might enjoy. So the Key here is to find something of a connection with somebody ie music, dancing, conversation, something, there is always something to a person that can make them attractive.

Being Humble.... most have a problem with this. There are so many Divas on set its a mad house. People want to be filmed on their good side(LOL)have certain demands from the other models. Just shut the fuck up and get fucked!!!! Braggin about this and that gets annoying... I know If I were Crew and some guy kept bragging about the things he has or the people who they met it would get alittle annoying at times. Nobody wants to be on set with a fucking Diva!!!

Showing up on time.... that means all u models have to catch Ur flights and connection flights, get Ur cabs, get Ur shit together!!! Don't waste the companies times and other models time with Ur lateness its just rude.

Showing up on Set Ready....Geez I don't know how many guys come to the set hungover the night before I don't get it. U know u have to film the next day so why get hammered the night before. Ur going to look fucked up on camera(eyes red and skin flushed)there goes Ur chance at looking hot

Perform at the Best of Ur Ability.....I never porn fuck, I hate that shit!!! I'm there to fuck and fuck well. When I see a bubble ass in front of me I'm going to town on that Ass. I see some of the guys that fuck, look like they are scared of the Ass. Afraid to come out of that shell, and be that hungry Top or Bottom for the Camera, Fuck that's why the Cameras are there for ya to show off. I always use the same slogan with Partners on Set I tell them" U be the best bottom U can Be, Because I will Damn Sure be the Best Top I can be" this is fantasy and only that, so show what u got, and hold nothing back!!!



Anonymous said...

wow - i had no idea so much went into it? i'd never make it in porn...... my arse is gross and im always hungover hee hee

Markus Ram said...

You laid it out perfectly man... work on the bod, show up with a good attitude, listen to your director, and be a professional. I feel like that is how I have gotten the work I have and gained a pretty good rep doing it.

Also, sometimes it doesn't matter how much we want to do something... it matters whether someone thinks you can make money for THEM in doing it so they will pay you for it. THAT'S often the reality of the porn biz. So newbies keep your expectations to a minimum, 'cuz it's a rough porn world out there. ;-)

Marc in Chicago said...

Great hints! Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

Very informative. Interesting point about watching and learning from your idols. I came across this post looking for information on how women can be successful in porn, so I'm going to keep looking, but even I learned something here.